The nCode 6.1 users club


I've recently settled in with this frame and have been very happy with the results. I was looking for the racquet that has it all and it seems that this one really does fit the bill.

So I thought I would just open a thread to see who out there is using the nCode 6.1, any version. I'm loving my 18x20s but I've also hit with the tour 90 and the 16x18. They all seem to be good.


I just read your 5 page thread on the Battles of the Mids and am on a battle of the mid-pluses similar to what you did.

I have been playing with an i.prestige MP with BB Rough at 50lbs. (18x20) for a couple months but I am having issues with the weight and also want a bit more pop on my attempted winners.....but I love the feel of the racquet. So, I am in search of a slightly lighter, slighty more manuverable, slightly more pop racquet with excellent feel like the i.prestige MP.

I recently bought an ncode 6.1 95 - 16x18. I strung it with Black Magic at 53lbs, but so far it is a launcher for me. It was easier to swing than the i.prestige and it had more power, but I am having a hard time controlling it. The Black Magic seems more trampoline-like than the Rough in combo with the more open pattern. I'm wishing I would have picked up an 18x20 and looking to trade the 16x18 for an 18x20 eventually.

I also just bought a Donnay Dual Platinum-99 which will arrive in two days and I'm not real sure how I'm going to string it??? With all its power, I'm thinking I need to string it higher than 53 lbs even with full poly.

I am also considering trying the Vantage 95. Did you try that one as well?

I noticed by the end of your thread you were set on the Platinum-94. How long did that last and why did you change away from it to the NCode 6.1 95 (18x20)?


53 pounds is probably a bit low on a 16x18 ncode

I'm not using mine anymore, it's just too damn heavy


After a week of trying the 16x18, 53 lbs is definitely too low with BM - at least for me.
I think I am still going to pick up an 18x20 to try as I found several posts of those who thought the 16x18 sailed a bit ended up really liking the 18x20.


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I have 3 nCode6195's and after retiring them for 2-3 yrs I have returned to them. Very solid and I have 3 different setups for them with varying amounts of lead in the head and throat for power.

Such a pity they stopped making them.
Anyone think the successors KFactor and BLX versions are better ?