The Obama fan club.

Discussion in 'Odds & Ends' started by circusmouse, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. circusmouse

    circusmouse Rookie

    Jun 14, 2006
    Obama supporters unite! A fan club won't make a difference in the election, but at least it gives us a place to share our opinions. I think Obama's the man to heal the US after the Bush years. I'd say more, but I'm at work. Anyone else want to join the Obama love fest?
  2. scotus

    scotus G.O.A.T.

    Jul 5, 2005
    Does Obama play tennis?
  3. Docalex007

    Docalex007 Hall of Fame

    Feb 20, 2005
    Obama is great. I hope he wins it. I'm not a "fan" in the sense of the word, but I am a supporter of his.
  4. 9000tennis

    9000tennis Rookie

    Apr 21, 2006
    Aalborg, Denmark
    Just heard on the news that the American democratic voters living in Denmark voted around 70% for Obama and 30% for Hillary. Good news for Obama.
  5. Freedom

    Freedom Professional

    Jan 1, 2006
    Yes, I went to the caucus last night. My state ended up about 80% for Obama, I think I heard...
  6. dave333

    dave333 Hall of Fame

    Aug 24, 2006
    I went to Hartford to watch him speak. Didn't go to specifics, but I did notice how good of a speaker he is. Eloquent, and no notes at all!
  7. mcpon

    mcpon New User

    Aug 23, 2006
    I'm Barak Obama, and I approve of this message.
  8. edmondsm

    edmondsm Legend

    Nov 26, 2005
    In an in between place.
    Dude, he's like a 5.0.

    Seriously though I love this guy and agree that he would be the one to bring people together. The right-wing is praying that Hillary will win the nomination, because even if she wins the presidency she will ignite the right-wing base and Republicans will re-take the House.
  9. AM28143

    AM28143 Semi-Pro

    Jul 1, 2007
    Obama is the man. He, unlike H. Clinton, McCain or Romney, has the power to unite, excite and encourage people to make America a better place. He's a fresh face who, if elected, will re-establish America's reputation around the world as the “benevolent hegemony” that everyone loved.


    -Adam :)
  10. Vermillion

    Vermillion Banned

    Dec 30, 2007
    we have fortune tellers on this board? oh wait, is this the general pro player discussion forum? whew, I thought it was.
  11. power_play21

    power_play21 Semi-Pro

    Oct 11, 2006
    i just want a democrat to win... im voting obama though, with my shiny new citizenship
  12. saram

    saram Legend

    Jan 5, 2007
    Count me in!
  13. Supernatural_Serve

    Supernatural_Serve Professional

    Jul 10, 2006
    I respect obama for doing what nobody in memory has ever done.

    - Get people out to vote in record numbers, even if they are voting for clinton (its obamas presence that's doing this especially among the least participative group, younger people),
    - Excite people enough to care about their responsibilities as citizens, and raising the level of participation in America's future.

    Regardless of outcome, he really deserves major recognition for that.

    His liberal policies and inexperience. That's entirely different and I say "No" to all that.
  14. califsurferboy33

    califsurferboy33 Semi-Pro

    Feb 5, 2007
    >> Barack Obama and Israel
    >> The American Thinker, January 16, 2008
    >> Redacted from an article by Ed Lasky
    >> The ascent of Barack Obama from state senator in Illinois to a leading
    > contender for the Presidential nomination in the span of just a few years is
    > remarkable - Especially, in light of a noticeably unremarkable record -- a
    > near-blank slate of few accomplishments and numerous missed votes.
    >> However, in one area of foreign policy that concerns millions of
    > Americans, he does have a record and it is a particularly troubling one. For
    > all supporters of the America-Israel relationship there is enough
    > information beyond the glare of the klieg lights to give one pause. In
    > contrast to his canned speeches filled with "poetry" and uplifting aphorisms
    > and delivered in a commanding way, behind the campaign façade lays a
    > disquieting pattern of behavior.
    >> One seemingly consistent theme running throughout Barack Obama's career is
    > his comfort with aligning himself with people who are anti-Israel advocates.
    > This ease around Israel animus has taken various forms. As Obama has
    > continued his political ascent, he has moved up the prestige scale in terms
    > of his associates. Early on in his career he chose a church headed by a
    > former Black Muslim who is a harsh anti-Israel advocate and who may be seen
    > as tinged with anti-Semitism.
    >> This church is a member of a denomination whose governing body has taken a
    > series of anti-Israel actions. As his political fortunes and ambition
    > climbed, he found support from George Soros, multibillionaire promoter of
    > groups that have been consistently harsh and biased critics of the
    > American-Israel relationship.
    >> Obama's soothing and inspiring oratory sometimes vanishes when he talks of
    > the Middle East . Indeed, his, off-the-cuff, remarks have been uniformly
    > taken by supporters of Israel as signs that the inner Obama does not truly
    > support Israel . This despite what his canned speeches and essays may
    > contain. Now that Obama has become a leading Presidential candidate, he has
    > assembled a body of foreign policy advisers who signal that a President
    > Obama would likely have an approach towards Israel radically at odds with
    > those of previous Presidents (both Republican and Democrat). A group of
    > experts collected by the Israeli liberal newspaper, Haaretz, deemed him the
    > candidate likely to be least supportive of Israel . He is the candidate most
    > favored by the Arab-American community.
    >> When Obama moved to Chicago and became a community organizer, he found it
    > expedient to choose a Christian church to join. Even though his father and
    > stepfather were both Muslims and he attended a Muslim school while living in
    > Indonesia , suspicions based on his days as a child are overheated and
    > unfair. Still, his full name alone conveys the biographical fact that he has
    > some elements of a Muslim background.
    >> Saul Alinsky, whose philosophy infused community organizing in Chicago,
    > emphasized the importance of churches as a basis for organizing. There are
    > literally hundreds of churches on the South Side of Chicago that Obama could
    > have chosen. He selected one that was headed by Reverend Jeremiah Wright,
    > Jr. The anti-Israel rants of this minister have been well chronicled. Among
    > the gems:
    >> The Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for almost 40
    > years now. It took a divestment campaign to wake the business community up
    > concerning the South Africa issue. Divestment has now hit the table again as
    > a strategy to wake the business community up and to wake Americans up
    > concerning the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have
    > lived because of Zionism.
    >> Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Jr. is a supporter of Louis Farrakhan (who called
    > Judaism a "gutter religion" and depicted Jews as "bloodsuckers") and
    > traveled with him to visit Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi, archenemy of Israel 's
    > and a terror supporter. Tucker Carlson of MSNBC has called Pastor Wright a
    > total hater and wondered why the ties that bind Obama to Wright have not
    > been given greater scrutiny. Mickey Kaus of Slate has also wondered when the
    > ties between Obama and Wright will receive more criticism, given Wright's
    > seeming bigotry, which is in contrast to the soothing melody of unity that
    > Obama has trumpeted on the campaign trail. Some in the media have taken
    > notice .
    >> As Obama took steps toward the United States Senate he found a very
    > powerful sugar daddy who would help fund his rise: George Soros. The
    > billionaire hedge fund titan began supporting Obama very early -- as befits
    > a legendary speculative investor always looking for opportunities. Obama
    > coveted support from George Soros and Soros responded -- along with many
    > family members and probably the Soros ring of wealthy donors. Soros even
    > found a loophole that allowed him and assorted family members to exceed
    > regular limits on campaign contributions. Soros is also a fierce foe of
    > Israel, for years funding groups that have worked against Israel .
    >> Every Presidential candidate assembles a foreign policy team of advisers.
    > A glimpse into the makeup of Obama's team has leaked to the media.
    >> Martin Peretz of The New Republic -- a supporter of Obama and of Israel --
    > had this to say about Obama's Foreign Policy team:
    >> "I have my qualms, as you may know, about Barack Obama, and most
    > especially about what his foreign policy might be. If elected (and actually
    > before he were to be elected), the first decision he would have to make
    > would be who would represent him in the transition to power from early
    > November to January 20. And, frankly, I get the shudders since he has
    > indicated that, among others, they would be Zbigniew Bzrezinski, Anthony
    > Lake , Susan Rice and Robert O. Malley."
    >> Lake and Brzezenski both earned their spurs in the Carter Administration.
    > Jimmy Carter, of course, has led a very public campaign of vilification
    > against Israel-defaming it as an apartheid state (a view that Obama's Pastor
    > would concur with).
    >> The appointment of Brzezenski elicited much dismay among supporters of
    > Israel since Brzezinski is well known for his aggressive dislike of Israel .
    > . He has been an ardent foe of Israel for over three decades and newspaper
    > files are littered with his screeds against Israel . Brzezinski has publicly
    > defended the Walt-Mearsheimer thesis that the relationship between America
    > and Israel is based not on shared values and common threats but is the
    > product of Jewish pressure. Brzezinski also signed a letter demanding
    > dialogue with Hamas - a group whose charter calls for the destruction of
    > Israel and is filled with threats to Jews around the world.
    >> Susan Rice was John Kerry's chief foreign policy adviser when he ran for
    > President. One of the major steps Kerry suggested for dealing with the
    > Middle East was to appoint James Baker and Jimmy Carter as negotiators.
    > Robert Malley was part of the American negotiating team that dealt with
    > Yasser Arafat at Camp David . He has presented a revisionist history of
    > those negotiations since then: presenting a view that blames Israel for the
    > failures of the negotiations. He has spent years representing the
    > Palestinian point of view, co-writing a series of anti-Israel articles with
    > Hussein Agha - a former Arafat adviser. Palestinian advocate. ... etc. etc.
    >> USA and Israel supporters: Please take note.
  15. Serve em Up

    Serve em Up Rookie

    Mar 14, 2007
    He's a vapor candidate. He's hasn't accomplished anything in his career. He's sat on a couple of committees in his very short Senate career.

    Don't you think the President should actually have some small amount of experience running something before?

    Even being a Governor would have helped, but he hasn't even been a Mayor or a County Executive.
  16. lonestar

    lonestar Semi-Pro

    Aug 29, 2007
    St. Elsewhere
    As a European I can tell you that the rest of the world rather wants to see an 'unexperienced' Obama as the new president than one of those 'experienced' guys from the Republicans. 8 years is enough, thanks.
  17. Craig Sheppard

    Craig Sheppard Hall of Fame

    Feb 19, 2004
    Raleigh, NC
    This is a large part of why I will probably (not 100% sure yet, but leaning that way) vote for Obama.

    1) He sounds intelligent. What a change from the last 8 years.
    2) He's not a stodgy DC politician. Sometimes you need to start over and not have "more of the same". Refer to #1 -- policy is not a science, he will rely on #1 to figure out the right way. He will probably have experienced people at his beck and call.
    3) He seems to be getting a good reaction from the rest of the world, which is what we need nowadays.

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