The Official Donald Young Guide to the Top 50 and Perhaps Beyond Handbook


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Donald Young has ton's of talent and still has enough time to get it together to be a consistent Top 50 player and perhaps beyond. Top 50 is still very impressive. For those of you who say he has no talent you are delusional.

Ask yourself how many phenomenal top D1 college players never see the light of day into a Grand Slam or even on the main tour? They toil their entire careers in the challengers. Guess what, even those guys have tons of talent and can really play. Not with the big boys, but what small percentage ever makes the Top 100?

You cannot, I repeat, you cannot be a Top 500 player if you don't have a ton of talent. And I mean ton's. The Top 10 guys in the world are freak's of nature and are off the charts with talent, commitment and mental fortitude.
I think we all take their abilities way too lightly.

Anna Kournikova was a fantastic player. Not great but to reach Number 8 in the world, you have to be able to hit the ball. Again, think about all the top D1 college players who toil their whole careers on the Challenger circuit. Are you telling me those guys can't hit the ball and don't have talent? Get real!!!!

The frustration with Donald is that he does have the talent but isn't optimizing it. He was uber successful and very very high profile at an extremely young age and will always have to carry that burden. It's called expectations. When a phenom fails or appears to fail, we can't let it go. If there were very low expectations for him at the beginning, we wouldn't even be talking about him.

I tend to believe if Donald were a world beater, a lot of the folks who criticize him would be cheering him on.

If you watch the guy play, the problems lay between the ears, with strategy, stroke fundamentals and a lack of work ethic. These can all be fixed. And he's still young enough to do it.

When he plays points, it's like he's just hitting the ball back with no purpose, as if it's a practice hitting session. And we all know even in practice the ball should be hit with purpose when you're a top guy.

And here we go. 7 steps to Donald Young being entrenched into the Top 50 and Maybe Beyond:

Key's for Donald:
1) Ma and Pa coach have to go.
2) Get a reach coach (Brad Gilbert?), learn tennis strategies and implement them
3) Book appt with Gil Reyes. Get your arse into shape.
4) Be Aggressive. Start hitting on the rise and flatten your strokes out. You're quick enough to do it.
5) Ditch the spinny Prince frame. You're not blowing anyone off the court with that thing. You need a player's frame with plow through and some weight
6) Have fun out there and stop with the moaning and groaning when things don't go your way.
7) Make a pact with yourself that you cannot wear those earrings until you are Top 20. Perhaps that will really motivate you. Good luck Donald!!!
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Wow, a Donald post on TT without any hatred or vitriol. What's the world coming to?

I think he can certainly be a fixture in the top 50 if he gets his head together. Top 30 even. I mean, he was beating guys like Wrawrinka and Monfils last year.

He's got pretty big shots and can hit winners from anywhere. He needs to work on the mental game and a bigger serve. I think he should model his game after someone like Nishikori who, like Donald, doesn't have huge weapons, but plays much better percentage and strategic tennis.


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You have no ide what stic is he using, it is mold of exo tour but with custom specs. Racket wont change a thing.


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He needs to start with an attitude adjustment. I want to pull for the guy, but he acts too much like a spoiled baby. I want to see him man up, and make it happen.


if he gets his act together it will still take 1-2 years for the work to show and he can maybe enjoy a couple years in top 20, 1-2 slam quarters