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I have to leave this club. While I still technically own one, it's my least favorite of all of my racquets. The feel is too muted and it's got no heft in the hoop. While I like a HL balance, the hoop still needs some meat to for stability and plow. I feel like it's whippy on ground strokes but I have a hard time getting the tip of the racquet to snap through on serve. The EXO Tour is absolutely the most comfortable racquet I've ever hit with. Sadly tho, just not for me.
Well, pacific tough gut... I liked the pop! Also liked the bit more head heavy a full bed of Nat gut gives you.
I played some nice touch volleys and was able to control things ok with enough spin by and large.
I did silicone spray in advance and the mains at 5lb higher tension are sliding over the crosses - so far anyway! As it frays this will change.
So far so good on the arm.
The EXO tour and full bed Pacific at 50lb - how much more arm friendly can it get?
As long as I can play when I want to all summer I can accept almost anything. Easy if I actually quite like it:)
I ordered a set of pacific classic (on back order here in Europe).
That is even more old school feel...
My second frame will get this.
Third frame I'll do in mantis comfort I think.
I thought I'd try some extra weight on the hoop as discussed on this thread.
I don't know why I was just curious and out for a change.
Last time I had 6g on 3 / 9 & I tried 10 / 2 also.
This time I put it on 12 o'clock.

Def more heft, good for long stokes.
I felt afterwards it was not great for my elbow. I did not have problems with racquet head speed this time - perhaps I'm stronger now? :)

Anyway its coming off again!
I have the 2014 Tour 16x18, and I just put Vs Team/Max Power in it. My elbow was jealous of your elbow ;) Unfortunate you didn't like the weight at 12. Maybe it threw your timing off and that's what bothered your elbow.
I'm slowly getting over a very bad case of tennis elbow and I've been playing this racquet (strung with multi) for the last couple of months--probably only 4 or 5 times in that period and I love it.

I used to play with an old Wilson 6.1 Hyper Pro Staff for years without any issue. I developed my TE when I went from the 6.1 to the Wilson LS100 and tried to get back to the high top spin 1HBH of my youth. Big mistake.

I've ditched the LS100 for good, but for grins I thought I might try the 6.1--it was fine for many years with no arm issues. It was like night and day from the EXO3. After two forehands I went back to the EXO3.
My elbow is hurting since I changed from the Prince Tour 100 few months back to various other frames including a Babolat Pure Drive Tour.

It might be strictly from too much arm wrestling,not sure.
I have my Prince Tour 16x18 + Prince Beast XP 17. I don't have any lead tape on. How much would you string w/o led tape?

Between 46 and 50? Maybe lower? Beast is powerful and I'm a baseliner topspinner.
I feel obliged to post here since recently purchasing a Prince Tour 100 16x18. I have been playing tennis for 30 years and this is the most comfortable frame I have ever picked up. This is huge for me right now as I have experienced some pretty difficult elbow issues. I finally made the change to the Prince after having to get a cortisone injection in my wrist. My arm felt instant relief after picking the Tour 100 up. I just ordered a second Tour 100 and plan to do a little experimentation with different strings.
I'm a big spinner and used Bab APD with full poly for more than a decade, then tennis elbow came in December. (I have a very elbowwwy, unorthodox 1-hder that undoubtedly has caused it.) After demoing/researching, I bought two Tour 16 x 18's, which I do like quite a bit. The slightly heavier--basically .5 oz. heavier--static weight has taken some getting used to, but I believe I just need to be patient. After a cortisone shot in February that helped my elbow, I started researching and using super soft copolys, then hybriding, and eventually going to full multis. (Copolys may have to be a thing of the past for me I'm realizing.) Then elbow pain did come back and now I'm starting a PT regimen and prepared to take time off, if necessary, to get this better. I digress..

I'm wondering, though, if anyone here who really whips the ball with high RHS has any trouble with the moderately heftier weight of the Tour. My APD was 10.6 unstrung and my Tours are almost 11.1 unstrung. Has anyone tried the Tour 100T, which is nearly an oz. lighter (10.2 unstrung!) due to the ability to whip it like a feather??? Granted I would put about .5 oz in the grip for more stability, but I'm curious

More of a flat hitter, used to play the tour's. Recently tested the 100T, didn't like it at all, too light and unstable for my taste. But perhaps it fits your needs more?
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EXO3 Tour, arguably the most arm-friendly racquet ever produced.

When TE sufferers ask me for racquet recommendation, I always recommend EXO3 Tour and Wilson BLX Five.

More comfortable than any ProKennex, Angell/Vantage, Volkl, Donnay, Pacific/Fischer I have used in search of arm comfort.
I'd like to introduce myself to this forum. I play with 3 Prince Tour 100 18x20s. All strung with Prince Syngut at 55, 16g. I love the racquet but need more power from it. Can anyone give advice on a more powerful string set up to increase court penetration. This racquet already has great control so I don't think polys are needed in this stick. Gut or multi in mid 40s is probably my best guess to increase its power and drive.
I play with 3 Prince Tour 100 18x20s. All strung with Prince Syngut at 55, 16g. I love the racquet but need more power from it. Can anyone give advice on a more powerful string set up to increase court penetration.
I wouldn't try to find the solution in another string, but rather in some lead. Try adding some lead at 3 and 9 and some on the handle... and you will be amazed. I had the same (only 16x18 version) and added 3 grams at 3 and 9 and 9 on the handle (so 15 total). And that made all the difference. If you have trouble managing 15 extra grams, I would start with 1+1+4 or 2+2+6 for example.
Or if you don't mind a bit of extra to make this racket a bit more head heavy, just some lead at 12 o clock (2 grams for example to start with). Good luck!
This topic coming up again has got me wanting to try it again.
I've tried the extra head mass in the past and always seem to prefer without.
I've got some extra mass in the handle over stock already, to make them a bit more head light.
Playing with a full bed if nat gut adds me some weight of course over synth.

I'll put 3g on 3 & 9 o'clock for tomorrows matches and give it another go :)
What I like most about my Prince Tour 16 by 18 is the grip or dwell time on the ball.

However the lack of power at higher RHS is the huge downside of this frame.

Stability against pace especially returning big first serves is another problem I've noticed.

I've tried adding weight to the hoop - and while it does add power - the trajectory flattens out the more I add.

I took it off but now going to put it back on.

I actually find the Prince Tour to have good power at low RHS but when I increase the RHS to my max level - I struggle to kill the ball like no other frame.

The PK Q Tour 325g has the same low impact arm friendly feel as the Prince but has absolutely stunning power.
I owned the PK Q Tour 325 and had many tries at it.
Just couldn't get on with it. Felt boardy and stiff. Coming from open string beds, I didn't seem to get the power everyone ravs about.
Many ways to slice and dice :)
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Well I'm very surprised by that.

Stiff......it feels like the softest thing ever. The 63 flex rating feels more like low 50's

The Q Tour 325g is the only frame I am able to get serious power with.

TW rates the power at 73,the Babolat PDT at 86.

I have both frames strung at 48ilbs - and I can assure everyone the Q Tour 325g leaves the Babolat PDT for dead when it comes to power.

The Q Tour 325g is the only frame I can consistently get my two handed backhand cross court - to one bounce into the back fence. With the Redondo MP it bounces around 3-4 times before reaching the fence!

Try the Q Tour 325g again or wait till the tension drops a bit.
Yes might do that with the PK Q 325...

Meanwhile I duly leaded up the tour 100 at 3 & 9 with 3g each and played today.

I really tried to keep an open mind :)
I don't have a problem moving it around with the extra weight and I DID like it!!!

Better plow on double handed backhand returns against bigger serves.No real problem getting spin on the forehand.
Held my own well against some younger bucks (they play nice until you make then string 4 or 5 shots together and they self destruct).
First serves were no prob. Even second serve kickers felt good, seemed to dip in more so I hit them harder and got better effect.

So I'm sold for now and I'm sticking with it.

I think one of the reasons I did not get on with it before was when my arm was not so great I perhaps blamed the extra heft for the pain.
Today it felt good and if anything, as it should do, a heavier racquet hitting the 57g ball reduces shock / vibration...

Have to do my other frames the same now:)
I also tested the PK QTour 325 a while ago, when looking for new rackets after my Tour 100's. Really liked it, but was too weak to handle the racket for 3 sets. Really comfortable and powerful, like @Mac33 stated. Had it strung with soft poly at 22k and felt really good. Reason I didn't choose it then was it felt too sluggish for my physique, I couldn't keep my level up long enough in matches
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I'm looking for some advice on how to firm this stick up without changing the weight too much. I'm going to try a full bed of poly (volkl cyclone and a leather grip) and see how that works. I love the comfort of this stick however I need less mush and more feedback and plowthrough. Anyone else have any ideas.

By the way I play with the 18/20 version and I'm a 5.0 player. Thanks
I was playing an inter club league doubles recently and the other guys all had head heavy, light frames, Babs etc.
There was I with my leaded up 8pts head light, tour racquet and nat gut!
Once guy had poly mains (RPM blast mains and excel crosses. Said his stringer thought it would be good. Must have been high 50's to 60lbs. Arm wrecker I thought!
His partner had had tennis elbow from poly in just a few weeks... We gently explained the need to restring often...
They commented that there was no problem with the speed of the ball coming at them, that was nice.
Won our match's ;)
How much tension do you recommend for my Prince Tour 100 16x18 stringed with Pro's Pro Cyber Spin 16?

Would high 40s be nice for heavy topspin game? Tried Blackout 42/44 - spin is ok, power not, sweetspot pretty small.
How much tension do you recommend for my Prince Tour 100 16x18 stringed with Pro's Pro Cyber Spin 16?

Would high 40s be nice for heavy topspin game? Tried Blackout 42/44 - spin is ok, power not, sweetspot pretty small.
I'm surprised that you say the sweetspot is small. I feel like the sweetspot is much larger thanks to the ports. I did find the racket too low powered with an all Blackout setup though. I liked it better with synthetic gut in the crosses for some added power. Never tried Cyber Power, so have no input there.
I'm surprised that you say the sweetspot is small. I feel like the sweetspot is much larger thanks to the ports. I did find the racket too low powered with an all Blackout setup though. I liked it better with synthetic gut in the crosses for some added power. Never tried Cyber Power, so have no input there.
Small sweetspot compared to Juice 108.

How do you string yours?
My last two string jobs in this racquet were:
cyclone tour 17 mains (48lbs) PPC multi 15 crosses (54 lbs)
this was a nice cushy set up but seemed to bag out relatively quickly (4-5 hrs)

I also have:
tour bite 16L (48lbs) PPC multi 15 crosses (54 lbs)
this was better than the other setup. better rip on the ball for sure.
Due to needing real advanced arm care I have been using various full beds of nat gut.
I liked Pacific Classic (very soft and arm friendly), was my main racquet for several months. I recently put Pacific Prime bull gut in the second frame and found that a little harder on my arm.
When the Classic broke I put Klip Legend in and had first hit with it tonight. It's a blast! At a low 52lb!
Strung more like synth gut in feel but playability was great and it is very powerful which I like, once tamed.
I can see the other frames getting Klip Legend over time! It's readily available over here, whereas Pacific's offerings are limited and much higher priced.

I'd love to try it Klip mains and Wilson evolve crosses, but my arm / playing frequency won't let me at the moment :(
One day..
I have an old EXO3 Tour 100 with a grip 4 1/2. Is there any way to make it smaller? For only just 1 size...
Unfortunately Prince doesn't have interchangeable pallet such as Volkl or Head. Your best option is probably to replace the ResiPro grip with a Prince ResiThin. It won't take you don't a full grip size, but it will take it down a bit.
Is the handle hollow or not? I've read about surface coloring and brushing.

Grips perimeters:
L4 = 114 mm
L3 = 111 mm
L2 = 108 mm

Prince ResiPro is 1,80 mm thick, ResiThin is 1,50 mm and Tourna Pro Thin is 1,25 mm. ResiThin makes perimeter 1,9 mm smaller and Tourna Pro This makes it 3,5 mm smaller and that's a one grip size.
I bought two of the Prince Tours on special for 99 dollars each a few years ago from TW. 16 by 18 versions.

I had previously used one a few years prior but with a lot of added tape in the mid and upper level hoop area - around 20g from memory.

Been mostly using my PK Q Tour 325g and Prince Silver 118

I thought I'd have another hit of it today like I do every few months....

Did a little experiment - on the hit up with my mate I practised with all three of the above frames.

I was getting the most power out of the Prince 118 then the PK Q Tour 325g, then the Exo Tour.

Then I decided to swing on absolute full power for about 3 minutes with each of the frames.

It changed a lot!

The Exo Tour had the most power and spin followed by my oversize Prince and then the Q Tour. Previously thought this frame had no power at higher RHS - I was wrong!

The Exo Tour is so much easier to generate racquet head speed with - it swings fast.

If you are willing to gamble and swing out - it can hit a huge ball with the heaviness of spin to bring the ball back down inside the baseline.

It was strung with Cyclone at 47 pounds and has original string so probably dropped quite a bit of tension. No added weight.
I forgot to mention - I'm going to get my other Exo Tour frame strung with Luxillon Big Banger Alu Power.

Has anyone tried this string before in this frame?


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I know this has been asked before but is the exo3 tour and tour 100 essentially the same apart from a slightly higher flex rating? I also noticed a higher swingweight. Mainly the 18x20 version.
I sold mine a while ago and kind of going through seller remorse and want one in the bag again but thought maybe the newer version might play better.
As far as I'm aware they are both 310 unstrung.

My first Prince Tour many years ago was actually a Exo 3 18 by 20.

The two I bought last year are the Prince Tour 16 by 18.

Is there a difference between the two frames?

Not that I can tell.

If anything the newer model feels a little more powerful in the upper hoop.

Will get back to this thread in a few weeks when I get my other Prince Tour restrung with the Luxillon string.

I weighed my frames last night.

Prince 03 Silver 118 - 280g

PK Q Tour 325g - 370g

Both my Prince Tours - 350g

Babolat PDT - 345g

My Babolat PDT swings so slowly! A bit like a 340g unstrung RF Autograph frame!

My Prince Tours have a loud swishing sound in comparison.
I finally got to test my two Prince Tour frames side by side.

One with Cyclone the other with Luxillon Alu Power both strung at 48 pound tension.

Could only play for 10 minutes as I'm resting my knee for a few weeks.

Differences between the two racquets are huge,especially in terms of feel.

To me,no other string comes close to matching the Alu Power for feel.

Also felt so much more connected to where the ball was going with it compared to the Cyclone.

Downside - the velocity of the Cyclone seemed greater,but then it does have a tension drop being a much older string.

Prince Tour has a reputation for being a frame where that stiff,crisp feel is lacking - and I agree.

However with the Alu Power - that disconnect feeling is gone forever.

I need to play a few sets or so to get a better evaluation. Will get back to this thread in a few weeks.

What feels better and what plays better are often opposite!
Sometimes the idea of feel confuses me as it is more of a by product of hitting the ball and doesn't actually affect your stroke and target. By the time you 'feel' the ball, you would have already almost finished your stroke. By that time, it is too late to make any change based on feel but to follow through.
I started using the 03 white, then exo tour, and now the classic response 97 and TT warrior 100. I can surely say the first 2 frames were more comfortable feeling but the feel never affect my stroke. Even using a ported frame I could still sense if the ball was going to sail long and my touch shots are no better between ported and the traditional grommet system. For me its been all about the destination than the journey if you can put it in that way.
More testing of my Prince Tour with Luxillon Alu Power yesterday and Friday.

9 more sets with it and I can safely say this is the best combo I've tried for control and topspin.

Have been beating my mate who usually beats me around 70 percent of the time!

The Alu Power has an amazing feel to it - needs to be tried to understand.

All you need to do with it is lift the ball and it puts an amazing amount of revolutions on it with the super Flexi Prince Tour helping as well. When I hit a dead flat stroke with it - I feels it's dead,as in no power and i nearly always dump it in the net. I've trained my brain to lift every single ball. Luxillon Alu Power produces a flat trajectory despite producing totally insane spin. It's a weird string!

Never possessed a drop shot ever - now I feel comfortable playing them from behind the baseline.

Alu Power grips the ball better than Cyclone by far - that's my experience anyway. I previously thought Cyclone was one of the best ball pocketing strings,and it probably still is.

Have a tournament next week. Feel I'm going to get past the first round for a change....
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I'm getting a reel of Gutex Ultra 16 tomorrow. Was thinking 48/46 or even less 46/44? Been using Topspin Cyber Blue 17 at 50.5/48.5 and would need more power. Control is still debatable since switching from hard polyester, but really like that soft feeling.

I also own Prince Tour 100 16x18. Will string that one too.

What tension should I go for?