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Hi all,

Anyone know if this is just a re-issue of the Exo3 Tour 100 16x18? Looks like a black version (pj only).

This is a re-issue . I really like the paint-job. It is actually the same scheme as the Textreme Tour P, just with a lighter greenish yellow color. The RA is the same as the original one. Here in Europe RA ratings are given as being stiffer, for instance, the Phantom Pro is rated as having an RA of 60 on some European sites. Great frame. I have the original one with the black and copper color. I would love to get my hands on some of those re-issues with that cool color scheme. I also have the Phantom Pro and really like both a lot.
Looks like the Limited Edition EXO3 Tour 16x18 referred to by @rlau above. Looks great in that colorway but price wise, it's right up there. Interesting to see if TW now that they are so involved with Prince are going to stock these. Also hope the paint is a little more hardy than the orange paint on the port inserts on the EXO3 lol!!

Just viewed the TW comparison tool between the Tour 100 18x20 and the new Wilson Clash Tour and there are quite a few similarities (mass, sw, flex). The Clash is slightly more headlight and has a lower vibration frequency, but very importantly to me, the Prince has a considerably higher twistweight and a larger sweet zone. Those two properties should combine to give the Prince more stability when the ball is contacted nearer the edges of the frame meaning less jarring and twisting around the central axis. I can't see anything that would make me leave the Prince Tour ported versions for the Clash.
Totally agree. TW is a huge factor for me. Cub drew is close and the clash is the only stick that beats the tour. SE is interesting because measuring it with RDC does not matter. That machine can’t be accurate because the ports make a difference when swinging.
Played 5 sets of doubles with the Tour 18x20 yesterday. Just loving this frame all over again. Does everything so sweetly, so smoothly and don't you just love the way the ball just sinks into the string bed just waiting to be directed to the part of the court you want the ball to go to? I love how when your opponent just creams the ball at you when you're at the net how the Tour just absorbs all the pace of the incoming ball and let's you direct your volley to where you want it to go. No jarring, no shock - the only shock is on your opponent's face!

The only thing I'm struggling with at the moment is the serve - can't quite get the pace and work on the first serve I want, particularly to first court, and I'm tending to overhit my second. Just playing with a full bed of Forten Sweet 16 @ 55/53 at present, thinking of going to a multi/syn gut 17 gauge hybrid next.

@speedysteve like me you also use a V1 Classic I see. I find the big difference between the two is that while they are both supremely arm and elbow friendly, the V1 is almost totally disconnected from the feel of the ball on the strings. When the ball hits the strings on the V1, it's almost like it hasn't reached the stringbed and when it leaves the bed, I get no sense of where the ball is going. The thickness of the V1 beam and hoop also feels almost clumsy to me as opposed to the knife like feeling of the EXO3 Tour and Tours. Still, I'm going to keep the V1 in my bag just as back up.
Do you get real chest stretch and load up on serve rather than arming it?
Keep the racquet down your racquet hand side of your body as you trophy..
When I get that rythym / timing right all is well and the ball goes pretty much where I want it to and my arm survives..

I get what you say about the Võlkl V1.. it is just what what say. So damn easy on the arm though..

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Yes absolutely love the new cosmetics of limited Prince exo3 tour 100 16x18. Hope they will do other models aswell (exo3 rebel 98, 95 etc.). I will not go any further since this is a tour 100 discussion board.
Strung my Tour 100 18x20 with some black PSGD 17 @ 53/51 and played 6 sets of doubles yesterday. Magic control, extreme comfort and enough power reinforced my opinion about this stick. And even though some don't like the feel of the ports I get more than enough feel for the ball to direct it accurately.

What makes it so unique (and the Phantom range is probably similar) is the flex of the frame on impact. You actually feel the frame "give" with the ball impact and get that incredible feeling of the ball momentarily remaining on the strings. Amazingly different!!
Still loving my Tour 100 18x20 strung with PSGD 17 @ 53/51. I'm playing as well as I ever have, if not better than I ever have, and my slight misgivings about my serve with the frame have now dissipated. My groundstrokes and returns of serve are coming off the string bed so sweetly with power, comfort and control. The dwell factor really allows me to place the ball almost where I like.

Simply amazing and the ports seem to really expand the sweepspot to that of an oversize. It is almost impossible to mistime or shank a shot. So glad I've rediscovered this gem.
Every now and then I would go on the bay to see if I can find one for the 18x20 in a 5/8 grip. Wish I didn't sell mine.
I've got a couple of 18x20's I've been meaning to sell, but not in 5/8 :(
I just grip them up and get a little more headlight goodness..

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My Tour 100 18x20 is 4 1/2 with 2 overgrips and the EXO 3 is a 4 3/8 with 3 overgrips. Both feel good and the bevels are still noticeable. Makes them more headlight lol!! No lead either.