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Will Sentipeed Receive Proper Tribute?

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Are AYCE establishments back? I thought that it was against covid protocols to allow every customer to serve him or herself. Or at least they should have changed procedures.
Where I live (Bay Area) people are living it big right now. Outdoor restaurants are packed. I go to the burger joint whenever I want also. Drive through is grate. Coronawalrus doesn't scare me, and neither does cardiovascular disease or colon cancer.



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Is it Internet-enabled? Now you have bikes with displays in which you can virtually pedal in Switzerland with a virtual group of global cyclists. Get one of those and we will pedal together on Rajpath, along with Sunny Leone.


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sentinel are you all excited about the confirmation of the Muon G-2 anomaly recently confirmed by Fermi Lab?

Will it lead to a deeper understanding of the Black Hole in Uranus?