The Olympic message, and French Open similarity "Spoiler"

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    I had to go to work when it was tied up 1 set all, and tied in games between Federer and Djokovic. What a wonderful thing to come home too.

    In the olympics, it was thought impossible that Phelps could win the 8 medals, and I had said, maybe Federer could pull it out. When Nadal went out, that just increased the stakes. And like the French Open, right after Nadal went out, Federer was down 2 sets to love, like he was against Haas at the French, and he pulled it out and went on to win it. Like the French he had to go through a tough opponent Del Potro, this time Djokovic and again losing one set in each. One difference is that Murray is going to be tougher on Grass then Soderling was on Clay, but I don't see Federer losing it now.

    Some idiot called me a *******, because of the postings. And as I had said in the postings before it was always that Federer had a chance, and that his chances grew over time. So now these idiots can eat crow for telling me that I was a ******* only for stating possiblities. It's the difference between an intelligent post and some of these kids posts which are garbage. I would love to see him win Sunday. He's already done what Sampras couldn't do which was reach 8 WB finals. and if he can win, say goodbye to Sampras record of number of weeks at number 1 and they'll share the same number of Wimbledon titles. It was a great day at work, and this just added to it. Sunday is just the cherry on top to see Sampras lose the last of his records.
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