The only feeling you should had after watching Federer Nadal Wimbledon 2019 is honored


Hall of Fame
Seriously, it is hard for me to put my feeling right now into words. Just watching this whole match, the way it unfolded and concluded made up for all the other experiences that I have missed out in my life. Even though it is strange to say it, this match has been one of the biggest reminder for me that life can be wonderful. And you should treasure it too, for it might never happened again. The two greatest players to have ever graced the game, forcing the best out of each other at ages that an elite athlete is decline.

Yeah, I am a diehard Fed fan and I've had my fair share of crap talk on Nadal too but you can't help but (again) respect Rafa's fighting spirit in the last game. Please, appreciate this moment instead of spamming threads talking smack (even though I know that TTW has enough weirdos that will do so).

Thank you, Roger and Rafa.


I love The Big 3, and it's always to treat yo watch any of the three great rivalries in action. ...was pulling for Rafa, but kudos to Fed, who was better on the crucial points,