The only player to win 4 masters titles in a row in a single season - A look back at Nadal's incredible 2013


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An incredible stat, a run of match wins that starts from his first match in Barcelona and ending with the semi in Beijing. If we remove the lone match on grass, then Nadal went an incredible 44-0 on hard courts and clay courts combined. He is the only player to win 4 masters titles that were played consectively in a row....Madrid, Rome, Canada and Cincinnati.

In this period, he dished out no less than 9 bagels, and 9 breadsticks, a total of 18 bakery products sets.

Nadal was 7-0 in deciding sets during this run. So when it got to a final set, he was unstoppable.

This is the only period in which Nadal had wins over Djokovic outside of clay since 2010. He was a combined 5-0 against Fedovic during this time, with wins over Djokovic at RG, Canada and USO and wins over Federer at Rome and Cincinnati. Nadal got his second and currently last win against Djokovic in a HC masters during this time, his first being at IW 2007.

Top highlights of this incredible run
vs Ferrer Madrid
vs Gulbis Rome
vs Ferrer Rome
vs Djokovic Roland Garros
vs Djokovic Canada
vs Dimitrov Cincinnati
vs Federer Cincinnati
vs Isner Cincinnati
vs Djokovic USO
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Like Superman, Nadal thrives under the summer sun.

There are scholars who insist that Rafael Nadal is not a real person, but merely the latest mythical iteration of a solar deity going back to Ancient Egypt and before.


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Nadal 2013 was a beast. Certainly his most consistent year on hard court. An incredible comeback after his long absence.
While 2013 was a miserable time as a Fed fan, it was nonetheless an exciting year. Seeing Nadal win the summer slam was very impressive and something to behold. Even more inpressive given neither Djokovic nor Federer have managed it.

I think 2013 was one of the best years for the Djokodal rivalry, with them winning 3 each and Montreal and RG being the stand out matches. Plus we had Murray winning Wimbledon, plus some great runs from Delpo, Ferrer and Wawrinka to boot. And it had some of the best slam matches of the decade. While I was sad to see Federer's performances that year, I was certainly entertained by the tour.