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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by fabsuk2000, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Oct 10, 2005
    I am glad i finally found a website like this.Understanding the physics behind tennis.For 12 years i have been playing tennis,had a few lessons but forgot them and wasnt really improving.My way of improving was simply to play more however although i was decent i would never clarify myself as amazing as i realised when i played top players i was putting far too much spin on my balls and they were going short.So for as much effort i was putting in,it was futile.However recently in about may i have made large strides in my game.

    1st way i did this was to watch other people having lessons.This is a much more cost effective way of learning if u understand what u are doinf.Then i suddenly applied physics to my tennis and looked at it from a biomechanical point of view.Initially i played crap,as i was trying to do too much too i broke down all the steps.initially working on footwork,trunk muscles,swing,knees and head/foot positioning.I have become a much better player for aids were websites and a few online free videos and watching professional i hit my shots a lot deeper and a lot flatter.wat i am getting at, u cant play the sport unless u understand the concept behind the should be able to teach urself as if it feels wrong it probably is wrong.

    Anyway back to the serve problem,i have a shoulder problem with the rotator cuff but my mri showed no damage yet i still have pain if i play with my top serve.Can anyone please tell me the correct technique for the serve,body positioning,foot positioning,how the arms move up,weight transfer and when to jump.If there are any free online clips could someone refer them to me.I use a head prestige as well with 57 pounds tension.Help please
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    Feb 19, 2004

    I did an article on the serve motion. Maybe Marius or someone else can point you in the right direction. The serve primarily is delivered in a relaxed state.

    Jumping is a loose term I would prefer to stay away from. I usually use the term launching or catapulting up towards the ball.

    I havent seen your form so I will provide one tip. Others can chime in with theirs.

    The tip is: OPEN YOUR SHOULDERS. If I were to grab your hands and pull them back, you would have to expand your chest and drop your shoulders back to handle that. When you do that you are "opening" your shoulders.

    If you serve with the shoulders closed (scrunched forward) you run the risk of injuring your shoulder area.
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    Check the Sticky thread at the top of this forum
    in my posting on the
    Serve Power and Placement
    there Bungalo Bill's mentioned wrt a thread

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