The Pleasant Suprize: YT Radical OS

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by pheonix6579, Jun 11, 2011.

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    Well the Pleasant "Surprise"

    So just this week I happen to pick up an YT Radical OS from a TT poster at a price I really couldn't turn away. Don't really know what drew me to this frame as it wasn't on my list of frame that I really want to try, but something did. Now I haven't hit with an OS frame seriously since high school. I tried out the LM version and really hated it. The feel/power/spin was all something that for some reason I never could click with. Plus the handle was just too short for my 2hbh. So I saw this one and decided to grab it. I love the YT paintjob, and I also have played with the MP, Pro, MP w/CAPS, and now the OS (I will probably be doing up a thread on comparisons sometime in the coming weeks).

    First thing that I noticed is that the handle is a bit longer and more comfortable for my second hand on my backhand. I threw a leather grip and a gamma supreme og on the handle as well as a bit of blue tac in the handle to bring it to what I think is around 11.6oz. The string set up was Volley natural gut mains @51 and Lux Savage @49 (not my string set up but the strings that came with the frame and were pretty new). Before I put the tac in the handle I bounced some balls and I got this sound like the squeaky sound from the Pure Storm Tours, but its better now. Also threw a few grams of lead at 3 and 9.

    When I went to the court I had not intended to really play too much with the frame. I had in my head that the string tension and the oversized head would just send balls long like crazy and I would go back to my Ozone Tours. But after a bit I really settled in with the frame. I was actually taking big cuts at the balls and getting really great control and pop from the frame. The sweetspot felt HUGE and very "sweet" not that dull sweetspot feeling you usually get from OS frames. But this thing was a best off the return and at net. Wow, I was playing Agassi tennis and storming the net with ease. The OS head really gave me a level of forgiveness that helped out when I wanted to be aggressive while taking that ball on the rise, especially on serve returns.

    Serves were great with this frame as well. Threw a heavy ball just as good as with my Ozone Tours, maybe a bit easier due to the lesser swingweight. And even with the OS head I could really pick my targets pretty well, maybe not as good as my Prestige or MP radical but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. Pretty decent spin as well, But not near as much as my Ozones.
    Volleys were very nice as well. Plenty of room/forgiveness on reflex volleys and good control on volleys that I had plans for. Both easy access to pop and touch for both deep volleys and drop volleys

    Ended up beating my hitting partner in all three sets 6-4,6-3,6-1. I was really playing great with no real reason why. I worked 3rd shift the night before, then watched the FO women’s final, and had 2-3 beers with that, slept and woke up went out to play. But even with all that I played better today with this frame than I had in a while. However, even though this was a great experience I am still happy with my Ozones. Just really taken with how well this new OS Radical played on court. Even though I didn’t prefer it I always recommend the OS radical to people who are just starting out (mainly the LM due to the price), but after this hit I might start pushing this frame to even some of my more advanced player friends.

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