The poster is out!!!!


Nice, I like the poster. I read an article once on that most people identify Jones by his look in Temple of Doom, I think that poster shows it. I would not be surprised to see more posters that are reminiscent of "temple."

I think Ford still looks "right" as Jones. I do not get that "little old dont'cha think?" feeling.
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Hall of Fame
Can't wait to see this.

Scenes shot on the Big Island.

About him getting old with the Indy role:

"Isn't Harrison Ford too old to play Indiana Jones again?
No! How could you think that?! Here's a quote from Harrison Ford himself that says it all (dated from November 2002):
"What astonishes me," Harrison Ford says, "is that people can't imagine Indiana Jones aging at all. Why expect any character to be frozen in time? The appeal of Indiana Jones isn't his youth but his imagination, his resourcefulness ... His physicality is a big part of it, especially in the way he gets out of tight situations. But it's not all hitting people and falling from high places. My ambition in action is to have the audience look straight in the face of a character and not at the back of a capable stuntman's head. I hope to continue to do that, no matter how old I get."

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