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Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by ohplease, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. ohplease

    ohplease Professional

    Feb 18, 2004
    So I trekked down to Indy to watch the semis this past Saturday. Caught Rusedski practicing before his match w/Dent. In person, I didn't see anything about Ginepri that would especially distinguish him from a lot of players on tour - apart from the fact that he WILL take his cuts, come hell or high water. Seems to be common theme with players of his generation. Lots of heart on that kid - if you want to learn to grind, you could pick worse role models.

    In contrast, Karol Beck has the kind of game that really doesn't translate that well on television. He's basically a softballer, all sneaky quick pace and angle. Hits the ball really square, seems to catch it nice and center. He aced Ginepri surprisingly often, and I doubt he broke 105 on any of them. Long, loopy, lazy strokes, pretty graceful in general.

    Now the Dent/Rusedski semi was a different story. Frankly, I'm not sure if it's a physical or a mental thing or what - but it looked like Rusedski just wanted to go home. Dent looked pretty good. Even casual observers described him as "stocky" but it's pretty obvious the man's got talent. I'd like to see him get in gear and do some damage - he's fun to watch.

    The doubles - Keifer/Hrbaty and someone and someone else - was not especially interesting, and I actually like watching doubles.

    On the way out, we saw Jim Courier and someone I couldn't identify doing some two at net against I think Leif Shiras (at least it looked that way with his closed stances and traditional grips). It was nice seeing Courier on court again - he still seems really fit.
  2. Shyyre

    Shyyre Rookie

    Jul 7, 2005
    i was there on saturday as well, and while i've already posted about how much dent annoys me, i was really dissapointed with Rusedski on the day. i don't think dent beat him (he was obviously suffering from the heat then as well), but Greg just played really poorly. it was disapointing to day the least. the doubles fun as well, Keifer is a riot! lol, always playing soccer, always with a smileon his face, i wish i cold have seen him play on friday.

    still, no complaints, it's the first time i've been to the rca's for a while (and i live in indy) so it was fun just to walk the grounds and see the players warm up and practice. oh yeah, and roddick lost, man i wish i could have beent here for that. ginepri may not have the game to go all te way to the top, but it shows that heart can still beat roddick...
  3. maverick447

    maverick447 New User

    Dec 27, 2004
    Foster City CA

    Was awesome to see two server volleyers in Dent and Rusedski . Thought it was one sided . I got a chance to demo the prince o3 at the prince demo court. i actually liked the raquet . sad that its priced at 199 . Cannot blow all those bucks on tennis gear.
  4. GotGame?

    GotGame? Rookie

    Jul 5, 2005
    Thanks for sharing your experience, ohplease. I agree with your observations about Beck. He has a smooth playing style, but he is mysteriously powerful.

    I have watched Dent practice before at Flushing Meadows a couple years ago, and I have to agree that he is talented. He is blessed with a powerful serve and a knack for s&v. He also has the athleticism that comes through genes. If only he was less stubborn and would round out his game more and have a more focused look on his tennis.

    I've had the chance to see Courier also, and he's still got it, probably due to the fact he plays seniors and is doing very well.
  5. tykrum

    tykrum Rookie

    Mar 4, 2004
    I was there too. I wish I would have noticed that there was a demo oppertunity. Not that I am in the market, except for more of the racquet I've got. I just pretty much watched matches and left, which is the opposite of the last two tourneys I have been to. I did notice that the people working the counter at the shop were jerks.

    Also, the city of Indy was really boring. Just walking around this weekend downtown, there was nothing to do. Thats really the exact opposite of Minneapolis, where I go to school. Not to mention the weather stunk.
  6. Shyyre

    Shyyre Rookie

    Jul 7, 2005
    lol, too true! and i live here. honestly, you just have to know where to look, unfortunately the city doesn't exactly do a great job of leading you to the hot spots...

    and yes the weather stunk, but that is stillno reason for poor conditioning on Dent's part (as Courier said), i mean come on look at genepri. he was fine, the crowd was suffering more than he was.
  7. Tennis312

    Tennis312 New User

    Apr 29, 2005
    I was there in Indy as well -- Friday night through the finals on Sunday. Some thoughts:

    1. Saw the last 1.25 sets of the Roddick match. Andy was definitely not himself at all, whether from the heat, his schedule, his mood or all the above. Serve was only occassionally impressive and backhand was B-A-D -- including loads of lazy slices. When a two-hander starts one-handed slicing like crazy, you know he is tired. And, of course, he totally blew a questionable call all out of proportion and that pretty much finished him off. All credit to Robby for hanging tough, but Roddick was a shadow of himself. I'm not surprised he took some time off.

    2. The Kiefer/Rudinski match was probably the most high quality I saw. Rudinski was on and Kiefer played well too. Kiefer has a nice style -- I'm surprised he is not ranked higher. But, boy, is he a head case -- he must have about 10 different little ticks on court, from tapping the lines, to sorting balls, to making sure if he's aced he tracks down the ball and hits to the opposite side of the court. And, I swear, there was more toweling off than tennis between those two -- both very figity.

    3. Agreed that Greg looked far less sharp against Dent than he did the night before, but I credit Dent and his style of play with that (at least in part). I really like Dent -- comes off as a nice dude and he has some serious game, He played Greg smart -- lots of chip returns that threw off Greg's timing. Given that s/vers take time to develop, Dent could emerge as a solid top twenty, low tens player. He was definitely the best player of the guys I saw.

    4. Finals day was HOTTER THAN HELL. Dent still played awsome the first set. He is clearly the better player between him and Robby G., but, again, all credit to Roddy for hanging in there. It is hard to play when your opponent is collapsing before your eyes, but he stuck with it. And, he must be in serious shape to endure that heat -- I was miserable just sitting there, I can't imagine what it was like on the court.

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