The second best clay courter in the world?

We all know who the best clay courter in the world is who do you guys think the second best is? Last year it was Djokovic winning Rome semis in Monte Carlo semis in Hamburg ( giving Nadal his toughest match of the season ) and getting to the semis of the French before losing to Nadal.


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A toss-up between Federer, Djokovic, and most probably Rafa with his right hand :p

Andreev should probably get a mention, in the sense that he has all the tools, and is one of the few to have beaten Rafa on the red stuff.


Ferrer and Andreev have the games...Fed and Djokovic have showed us results. Results aren't always wins but rather quality of the matches.

I'm going to have to go with Djokovic for this year, namely due to mental confidence on clay compared with Fed. Djoker may just have had a good season from last year's AO momentum though, so it's a tossup. I would just personally say Djokovic because Fed is mentally destroyed right now.


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If you mean right now, it can only be Federer: he won Hamburg 4 times, made the finals of Monte-Carlo and Rome and was the finalist at RG for the last 3 years. Difficult to argue against those facts.


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Fed is the second best right now, but he's still light years below Nadal. It could be double or triple bagel this time if they meet in the finals again.


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i expect to see monfils make a great showing this clay season. he will make the biggest standings jump thru the clay season, maybe not the top 3 clay courters on tour but his points will reflect a good solid clay season

and of course, if and i mean IF Davy can fully recover he always has great wheels on clay as well.


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Last year Djokovic was stronger than Federer, who was unlucky that Nadal was in his half of the draw for the RG, and Hamburg.

Niether have played great this season, but Djokovic doesnt have the attitude of a fighter, and while Federer is no Nadal in the mental strength category, he has shown fight, will and belief in his career.

For me, this will vary by tournament. Djokovic will be very pissed if he gets Rafa in his side of the draw


Davydenko is up there. Though, injurys may results in his downfall this year.

Monfils on paper has the tools to be the second best after Nadal. He could be a real threat this year.
I disagree with you completely on Monfils. Roger was in total sh1t form at last years French Open so if Monfils couldnt even beat him there while having the tournament of his life so far, he will have a hard time ever beating him there. Djokovic and Davydenko would be extremely hard for Monfils to beat on clay as well. Would Monfils even stand much chance vs a fresh Ferrer? Remember Ferrer was coming off a couple 5 setters before playing Monfils at last years French and was completely spent.


Last FOUR FO's...he lost to eventual champion, Rafa in the semis in 2005....
Jeesh 4 years of losing to the same player at the same slam. Nadal or not. After 4 or 5 years a great player should figure out a game plan or strategy to get at least ONE WIN off one player at ONE SLAM in the span of 4 years.


6-1 6-3 6-0. You'll never see Djokovic get beat down like that. lol Djokovic was definitely the second best claycourter last year.
If that is your sole argument then you fail miserably. A number of things:

1. Tennis is all about matchups. Nadal is simply a bad matchup for Federer, moreso than he is for Djokovic and many others. Heck Blake has a better record vs Nadal than Federer, I guess Blake is a much better hard court player than Federer by your logic.

2. Federer was in absolutely horrible form at last years French Open, probably the worst tennis he ever played on clay despite scraping past an easy draw to the final. Even struggling hard to beat a clown semifinalist like Monfils.

3. That match was the 10th time Federer and Nadal have met on clay. Nadal had never come anywhere close to beating Federer that badly until that 10th match on the surface. If Djokovic and Nadal play 10 times on clay Nadal will probably smack Djokovic down that badly on clay atleast once. Federer has taken atleast 1 set off of Nadal in 7 of their 10 matches on clay, beaten him once and had a match point another time. Djokovic has managed this vs Nadal in only 1 of their 5 matches on clay, never coming close to winning.

I dislike both Federer and Djokovic so it is easy for me to be objective comparing the two, which cant be said for you as you basically admitted Djokovic is your 2nd favorite player and your Roger hate borders on obsessive. Djokovic has no claim to having ever being the 2nd best player on clay up to now. He has never beaten Federer on clay and last year in their only match on clay Djokovic was getting his butt whooped so quit like he always does when the going gets tough. When he does something that gives him any valid argument for being the 2nd best on clay, and that has to be alot more than giving Nadal one closer match than Federer then you will have a point.

Djokovic has gone 0-2 vs David Ferrer on clay since his prime began in the spring of 2007. In fact he went 0-5 in sets vs Ferrer in those two matches. Do you think David Ferrer would ever straight set Federer in a best 3-of-5 set match on clay the way he apparently can do to Djokovic, ROTFL!


If we are saying 'in general'...I'd throw Guga/Bjorg/Roger in there tied for second.
Borg and Guga tied with Federer for second :shock:. Are you serious?

Borg is still the clay GOAT in front of Nadal, Guga is about third and Federer is many many places below.


Thealivest is again on his Djokovic bashing spree. Guy is so biased, full of hate, and delusional that it is becoming quite funny.

Djokovic was the second best clay court player last season and his hate will not change that.