The serve toss was the problem!


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Just an advice to everyone who struggles to get any decent power on the serve. Today I played a tournament and my serve was weak as usual. After the tournament there was a free court so I stayed and tried to fix it and I did. It turns out that the serve toss was the problem and that my service motion in general actually was pretty good all the time. Before the toss was too much in front and over the top of my head and as soon as i focused on getting it more ahead of me and slightly to the right everything fell into place.

With the changed ball toss I managed to get all my body mass behind the ball and crush it and I was surprised how effortless it felt. The ball toss should be number one on the check list for anyone who struggles with the serve. Maybe your serve is better than you think, just get the toss right!


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Proof of the pudding is match play results.
Could be you were just more relaxed, especially the wrist and forearm.
Hope what you changed actually worked.


Lee is right, many times I’ve thought I have my serve working well in practice and then in a match not so much. But the toss location can make a difference so you may have made a positive correction.