The Tennis Book that would never sell.....


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"How To reach Your Potential" by Marat Safin

"How To Behave Yourself" by John McEnroe

"No To Drug" by Guillermo Canas / Martina Hinggis

"The Important of Fitness" by David Nalbandian

"The Art of Entertainment In Tennis" by Nicolai Davydenko

"How To Win A Multiple Slam" by James Blake

"The Fair Game" by Serena / Venus Williams

" The Gamemanship" by Rafael Nadal

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'Exulting in a natural way' by Roger Federer
'Improve your game in important matches' by Tommy Haas
'Serve and Volley" by Nick Bollettieri
'Don't touch your trousers' by Rafael Nadal
'Just One Bounce Before Serving' by Novak Djokovic
"Perform better in the clutch" by Paul Henri Mathieu
"I bet I win' by Nikolay Davydenko
"How to beat a top10 player" by Nikolay Davydenko & Andy Roddick
"Improve your second serve" by Guillermo Coria & Elena Dementieva


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"How to Hit Winning Volleys" by Andy Roddick

"Beating Roger Federer, Routinely" by Andy Roddick

"Keeping Under the Radar" by Nikolay Davydenko

"Winning 5-Set Matches" by James Blake (up till recent)


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"The Art of Slicing Crosscourt" by Andy Roddick

"Learn to Sunday-Stroll to Net" by Andy Roddick

sorry i cant keep off andy! he's just hilarious to pick on for this kind of stuff! :)


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"Having a Fashion Sense on Court" by Bethanie Matek (possible misspelling)

"How I Won Wimbledon 18 Times" by Goran Ivanisevic

"How I Won the French Open, S&V" by John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, and in collaboration with Roger Federer (through 2007)

no pun intended on any of these titles, at least from me!


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"Pick Your *** Unnoticed" by Rafa Nadal

"How James and I Became Best of Friends" by Vince Spadea and James Blake


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"Improve Your Backhand Ten-Fold" by Andy Roddick

Part of the Deluxe Davydenko Series:

"Assuring the Outcome of a Match" by Nikolay Davydenko

"Get a Clothing Sponsor Within a Year" by Nikolay Davydenko

"The Perfect Extra-Long Honeymoon" by Nikolay Davydenko

"Walk off the Court Against Roger Federer as a "Winner" " by Nikolay Davydenko
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"Secrets to Serving Big" - Justin Henin, with case-studies of Nadal, Ferrer and others.

"Beating Anorexia" - Marion Bartoli

"The consummate metrosexual" - David Nalbandian

"100 great pickup lines" - Roger Federer
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"How To Win Friends With A Dynamic Personality" by Ivan Lendl

"How To Become The World Number 1" by Rafa Nadal

"How A Man Can Enter The Women's Locker Room" by Rene Richards

"What It's Like To Be Federer's Other Girlfriend" by Andy Roddick


"Learn to serve volley at 35" by Roger Federer

" How to Beat a Baseline Bashing Generation" By Roger Federer

"Thumping the Goat in his Prime" by G. Canas and D.Nalbandian

"The Art of Claycourt tennis" by Andy Roddick lol

"New age serve Volley technique" (with bonus video) by Rafael Nadal


"Consistency: the Key to My Success," by Andre Agassi

"Defense Wins Championships," by Pete Sampras

"Best Defense is Good Offense," by Michael Chang

"Constructing Points," by Gael Monfils and Fernando Gonzalez

"Living up to the Hype," by Donald Young
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Hall of Fame
"Eat a goat, beat a goat" - David Nalbandian

"Beating Vegas" - Nikolai Davydenko

"Men's guide to Couture" - Dominic Hrbaty

"How to lose a girl in 10 days" - Marat Safin

"How to play tennis" - Aykhan Mammadov


Hall of Fame
"Losing Pretty" - Richard Gasquet

"Fashionable women's hairstyles" - Patty Schnyder

"Aces up: Bjorn's guide to e bay" - Bjorn Borg


"The disadvantages of wearing a bandana in tennis matches" by Andy Roddick
"Why I never wear a cap or a bandana on court? " by Ivan Ljubicic


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"A treatise on the symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Behavior," Dr. R. Nadal, Spanish Medical Association press.

"Be an extrovert and enjoy life", J. Henin, published by Self Help books.

"The spiritual life and inner growth," Reverend Roddick.

"Hair care for men," A. Agassi, P. Sampras and N. Davydenko.

"Humility and compassion," Sister Serena Williams.

"Modern power tennis fundamentals," F. Santoro.


"Big Beast Tennis" by Olivier Rochus

"Aces in Spades" by Martina Hingis

"The Guide to Elegant Tennis" by Jim Courier

"Victory For King and Country" by Tim Henman


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"A man of few words - an autobiography," Brad Gilbert, with a foreword by Wayne Bryan.

"Conquering clay," R. Federer.

"Biomechanics of the tennis serve - a three-dimensional analysis," E. Dementieva and A. Kournikova, Proceedings of Sports Science.

"My real racquet, and other short stories," R. Federer (with M. Vavrinec).

"Monogamy is underrated," N. Bollitierri.

"Looking down on people - a tennis player's journey through life," I. Karlovic.


"Lose fat and Get fit for Tennis' by Serena Williams
"Our Daddy" by Williams sisters
"Alwaysatnet" by Maria Sharapova
"All court Game" by WTA
"Conventional Tennis" by Fabrice Santoro
"How they spiked my drink" Martina Hingis


Hall of Fame
Tennis Etiquette: How to Behave Like a Gentleman on Court, by Ilie Nastase, with contributions from John McEnroe, Jeff Tarango, et al.

Internalize Your Emotions, by Lleyton Hewitt

Realize Your Potential, by Marat Safin and Hicham Arazi

Maximize Your Potential, by Marcelo Rios

Never Antagonize Your Opponent, by Guillermo Coria


How to Master the baseline game - Tim Henman
Who ate all the pies? - Serina Williams
"I do impressions better than Novak" - Roddick
"How not to be Andy Roddick" - Andy Roddick
"How to lose by moonballing" - FedEx
"Beating the bookies" - Davydenko
"Roger Federer is done" - Nadal
"Nadal is done" - Djokovic
"Djokovic is done" - Davydenko
"Davydenko is done" - Ferrer
And so on

Bhagi Katbamna

Hall of Fame
"How to become popular on tennis forums without winning." by Tommy Haas

"How to drive morons on tennis forums crazy by a. noticing pretty female tennis players. b. making fun of Serena's weight c. making fun of Mirka's weight. d. pointing out that the free market and globalization are good things." by the CEO of Nike and Wilson with assistance from various forum members.


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"I hit a 200 mph serve, and other anectodes from club tennis," by T.W. Poster.

"Optimizing the swingweight of tennis racquets for the 3.5 level - a non-mathematical introduction," unpublished manuscript, by T.W. Poster.

"A history of music in popular culture," V. Spadea.

"Six-sigma techniques for quality control in manufacturing - an operators manual," Wilson press.

"Multitasking in the modern world," S. Williams and V. Williams.

"Raising well-adjusted children: proven parenting techniques," R. Williams and Y. Sharapov.

"Retire early with financial security," M. Navratilova.