The Tennis Book that would never sell.....


Hall of Fame
"How to play One-handed" by Santoro
"How to survive a 5-seter" by Gasquet
"How to master the volley" by Roddick
"How to win matches on CLAY only" by nadal


Hall of Fame
"how to make full use of the Wild card" by Guga
"Ways to get more sponsors" by davydenko
"How to wins matches after roland garros" by gaudio and coria
"Advantages of using a right-handed forehand" by lopez and verdasco
"Techniques to avoid sleeping during work" by Unknown umpire


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"How to hit a flat forehand after 10 slam wins" - by Federer

"How to win 6 Wimbledons in a row" - By Borg (proof-reading by Federer)
-"Don't lose your temper: My advices to the Dalai Lama" by Marat Safin
-"Losing early to avoid jet-lag's effect " by James Blake
-"Advantages of smiling on a field" by Davyndenko
-"How to date Conchita Martinez" by Marat Safin
-"Hyperactivity between serves" by Rafael Nadal
-"How to gain weight even if you run ten miles every day" by Marion Bartoli

-"Why I'm so quiet: All about my hypothyroidism" by Andy Roddick
-"Sleeping well before big matches. Memories of my fluffy bear" by Roger Federer
-"Worker exploitation: How to survive a photoshoot" by Maria Sharapova
-"Techniques to spoil breakpoints by dozens when it really matters" by Roger Federer
-"Angelina is not alone. My twin pregnancy" by David Nalbandian

-"The Sex Addiction Workbook: Proven Strategies to Help You Regain Control of Your Life" by Marat Safin
-"The big mystery: why Sunsilk chose Shakira instead of me" by Andy Murray
-"Always relax in Paris" by Roger Federer
-"Pardon My Spanglish: One Man's Guide to Speaking the Habla" by Rafael Nadal
-"Fit to Live: The 5-Point Plan to be Lean, Strong, and Fearless for Life" by Jana Novotna and Guillermo Coria
-"The Dedalus Book of Spanish Fantasy" by Roger Federer

-"Reasons to play tennis while you could play sumo" by Marion Bartoli
-"How I lost French open final because of a headache" by Roger Federer
-"How I lost French Open final 2 because I had some gas" by Roger Federer
-"How I almost won a game in 3rd set at French Open final 3 despite the flu" by Roger Federer
-"How to play fast tennis with a thermometer stucked in the ***" by Rafael Nadal
-"How to lose French Open with an afro hair when you're not Noah" by Andy Murray

-"Something to remember: The day I played tennis with Abraham Lincoln" by Bud Collins
-"The last time I met Queen Victoria" by Bud Collins
-"I build Wimbledon" by Bud Collins
-"Buy a short, win Wimby" by Maria Sharapova
-"Why we never choked: The Serenity Principle" by Gaudio and Coria
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"All about my tenth comeback" by Martina Navratilova
"Navratilova retired too soon" by Bud Collins
"I'll be right back" by Martina Navratilova
"Tennis and diabetes: why I inhale sugar" by Martina Hingis
"My trip to Dubai. Memoirs of a belly dancer" by David Nalbandian
"How Whoopi Goldberg teach me how to be big loser" by Marion Bartoli
"How to look like Gwen Stefani" by David Nalbandian
"How to sleep eyes wide open" by Gwen Stefani
"How to safety shave an hairy butt thanks to Gilette" by Roger Federer
"The disadvantage not using Gilette safety razor" by Rafael Nadal
"I used to use a double-blade" by Renee Richards


Hall of Fame
The fine art of volleying by Andy Roddick
How to pick a good gamble by Davydenko
Succesfull strategies against Rafael Nadal by Roger Federer


"Minimizing Time Between Points" - Rafael Nadal
"The Art of Breaking Racquets" - Rafael Nadal
"Adding Extreme Topspin To Your Game" - Dominik Hrbaty
"Finish Off Tight Matches In Style" - Paul-Henri Mathieu
"Working Out Smartly" - David Nalbandian
"How to play silently: tennis for the mutes " by Maria Sharapova (with Marlee Matlin)
"Techniques to put the ball in the middle of the net after a terrific shot" by Federer
"My 50 biggest parties in Ibiza and Cancun " by Nicolas Davydenko
"How to insert a suppository while playing" by Rafael Nadal
"How to win in Paris (Texas)" by Roger Federer
"My best advices to seduce Kournikova" by Justin Gimelstob
"1001 advantages of using a racket when you play tennis" by Andy Roddick
"How to keep the killer instinct when you face a friend" by Roger Federer
"Me Juno: Ways to hide your pregnancy" by David Nalbandian
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"Feminist Theories and Social Work: Approaches and Applications" by Justin Gimelstob
"Down and Out in Paris and London" by Roger Federer (remake of George orwell's novel)
"A Guide to Elegance: For Every Woman Who Wants to Be Well and Properly Dressed on All Occasions" by Serena Williams
"My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands" by Marat Safin
"Hit strong, stay thin" by Marion Bartoli
"Zen And the Art of Happiness" by Andy Roddick
"The Yogic Art of Breathing" by Andy Roddick
"Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain" by Novak Djokovic
"The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body" by Dinara Safina
"Exploring the Endless Connections between Sexuality and Spirituality" by Roger Federer
"Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai" by Mikhail Youzhny
"The Knee Crisis Handbook: Understanding Pain, Preventing Trauma, Recovering from Knee Injury" by Rafael Nadal
"My secrets for a perfectly proportioned body" by Justine Henin
"Playing good in a new outfit" by Maria Sharapova


Hall of Fame
"Genial personality wins you friends in and outside court" by N. Djokovic, with a bonus latest essey on successfully rattling M. Safin

"Tennis has evolved: moonballing your way to No1" by R. Nadal

"Lefty by choice as most ambidextrous tennis players," by T. Nadal, failed to sell a single copy among Nadal fans, but will hopefully do better among those eager to have a source to quote.

"How to achieve mental prowess in matches I consider crucial for my career" by R. Federer.

"Strategy is for dorks" by A. Roddick, a chapter by R. Federer who begs to differ but considers having an expert outside advice at most times an unnecessary luxury.
"All about my mother" by Novak Djokovic
"I know what you did last sunday" by Roger Federer
"Sister act" by Andrea Jaeger
"Iron Man" by Richard Gasquet
"How to hide your teeth with your hair" by Andy Murray

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"Footwork is the key" by Andy Roddick
"I don't have O.C.D" by Nadal
"How to reach your potential" by Marat Safin
"Serve and Volley techniques" by Rafa Nadal
"Why I was never lobbed" by Olivier Rochus
"Nails designs after ass-picking" by Rafael Nadal
"Winning with a cardigan" by Roger Federer
"Spitting on grass to speed up the surface" by Leyton Hewitt
"How to chose a discreet bag" by Serena Williams and Roger Federer
"Paris's dirt is my private beach" by Roger Federer
"I could have been a nun" by Marat Safin
"Brad Pitt is my secret twin" by Radek Stepanek
"50 ways to play on clay" by Pete Sampras
"Winning slams without a big serve" by Goran Ivanisevic
"How to look like Kung Fu Panda" by David Nalbandian
"How to Achieve Tai Chi After Chai Tea" by Marat Safin
"Winning with skinny arms" by Rafael Nadal
"My anorexia" by Marion Bartoli
"How to play with a Tampax" by Rafael Nadal
"How to play without a Kleenex pack" by Roger Federer
"How to play tennis very close to the net" by Gael Monfils
"Serving at over 100 miles after one bounce only" by Novak Djokovic
"Stay on top after winning big" by Ana Ivanovic
"My 14 months pregnancy " by David Nalbandian
"Serving at 150 miles/hour without injurying yourself" by Elena Dementieva
"How to win 4 FO from the baseline" by Roger Federer
"My 100 greatests smashes" by David Ferrer


"Living up to the Hype," by Donald Young[/QUOTE]

Hahahahahah....lolo, now that's a good one! He is almost 19 years old and hasn't even won a grand slam let alone an ATP tournament, he just talks big.
"How I played my best tennis when Borg was watching me" by Roger Federer

"How I played my best tennis when Gwen Stefani applauded like crazy" by Roger Federer

"Wearing ample clothes that fit" By Rafael Nadal

"My prettiest smiles" by Svetlana Kuznetsova

"Stay focus to win more than once" by Gaston Gaudio, Michael Stich, Andy Roddick, Sergi Bruguera, Richard Krajicek, Carlos Costa and Thomas Johannson (prefaced by Iva Majoli and Anastasia Myskina)
"What it feels like for a GOAT" by Roger Federer

"All the people I hugged" by Marcelo Rios

"My great rivalry with Marion Bartoli" by Justine Henin