The Tennis Channel


Ok guys,

I think the Tennis channel is a great addition tool to any fan of tennis. I personally watch about 2 hours a day and when there is a live ATP Tournament on and I have time, much more then that. What I can't really understand is why they have to reapet programs over and over again. Like the Davis cup Croatia x Argentina Russia x Slovakia They repat those matches about 10 times trough the whole week, and that is not so bad . The worst examples are when they reapeat Challengers events like this year Tarzana event , they repeated so mant times that I almost memorized the comments of the telecasters. So, I think overall the tennis channel is doing a good job and growing. Open access is a great show with very interest interviews and the host Jensen a very nice figure indeed, but why do they have to repeat it about 4 times a day...?

My suggestion is rather then reapting the shows over and over I would love to see CLASSIC MATCHES. Darn , Wouldn't be great to see the Greats from the 80 : with Borg, Johny mac at his prime, Connors etc.. Many of us did not have a chance to really see them in action live, and It would be a great opportunity. Not only that , but who would not rather to see the encore of the doubles match from last week, or a Roland Garros final from 1997 where Guga won for the first time. How about Rod Laver many say he is one of the Brightest talents of all time but who had a chance to see him in action? I bet very few of us...


Well at least you can get the Tennis Channel. DirecTV still haven't pick up it yet.


I Care Not

about the senior match stuff... NO THANKS.
who cares to see Mac play Henri Laconte?? I don't.

Davis Cup and Fed Cup coverage was good....

Bollitieri instructionals are okay... The other one Joe Dinaufer? sucks big time as his daughter Kalindi...

Also "Real Life in the WTA Tour" - sounds kind of interesting, slow change of pace, but THIS IS A TERRIBLE show!! or maybe it's not the show itself, the females pros are NOT interesting... Good for you Giselle, I'm glad you look good wherever you go, since it's "most important" to you...

I have it because it's 2.95 per month...


Its good for the limited selections it offers. For 5 bucks a month in my area you get to see Fed play Murray and lots of other things you couldnt otherwise see (including the Porsche event on now). Yeah there's lots of fluff. Davydenko clothes shopping with Murphy Jensen just lets you know that Murphy Jensen really has no career after tennis. But youre not forced to watch that or Henri Leconte playing bad tennis. You can tune in when you like and for 20 cents a day its affordable.


2 weeks ago they reran the david cup semifinal matches like 20 times. literally one after another after another.


man, some ppl don't even get that channel. but ya I concur--no point in rerunning a match for 10 times