The True TTW hero: Spencer or Nina?

Who do you worship?

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Poisoned Slice

Bionic Poster
I believe Spencer's serve will make the difference here, although she will be trying to avoid Nina's backhand as much as she can. It's the most compact shot in the history of our great sport.

I disagree with everything you just said.



Alison Brie called and said my kid got another detention. She looks like a 3rd grade teacher that is 10 years past her journey woman prime.
Brie is a type of cheese, and even cheese has more culture than than the plantar wart on legs that is Spencer


While we are at it, who is the asian girl? Maybe we can throw her in as well?
How about instead of throwing in more people we throw some people out instead? I suggest we start with Spencer

also, her name is Son Ye-jin—looks aside she’s a great actress

Nole Slam

Okay tbh, peak Nina is more attractive than peak Spencer.

But The Spencer is so much more than just being attractive. She's iconic and has an aura. She's intelligent, wise and cute with that little donkey face.