The Truth About Wimbledon Final 2019


This is Grass.

Federer has served well.

Djokovic has served worse, way worse. More double faults, less aces, worse 1st serve percentage.

Federer had 2 match points.

Federer played amazing tennis.

But still... as another member in this forum wrote: Balls of Titanium have prevailed. Djokovic has taken the battle to another level.

So privileged to witness such a battle. These guys are super heroes, all new generation guys look puppies in front of them.

Djokovic has set a New Start: Djokovic is officially threatening Federer to qualify in the near future, as the Greatest Of All Time.


I forgot to mention that Federer had amazing crowd support.

They were cheering even when Djokovic was doing an unforced error. How sad, even coming from one of the most civilized tennis crowd.