The US Open 2023 QF - Daniil Medvedev [3] (RUS) v/s Andrey Rublev [8] (RUS)

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New York humidity is totally different and far worse than Europe's humidity. New York City's climate is now classified as humid subtropical because of its mid-latitude location. Just trust me that NYC's humidity blows doors off anywhere in Europe, it's uniquely brutal. Florida and Washington, D.C. are even worse in the summer.
I’ll take your word for it. How low does it have to go to feel comfortable?


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I’ll take your word for it. How low does it have to go to feel comfortable?
You'd have to ask a native New Yorker, but they're accustomed to it and don't seem to complain. I can't stand it there in the summer, it's unendurable. It's like being in the tropics on hot days even in humidty <50%. And it doesn't cool down at night, you have to sleep under the AC.

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When the weather is gross, Rublev has to be the most obvious suffering looking person on the tour right now lol, I feel hot and icky just looking at him.

I die in 25-30 degree Celsius weather :-D , anything above sounds like torture.
Not if he was playing Medvedev. If he was against someone who can't keep the ball in the court, like yesterday, he'd be fine (he struggled a lot early in that match himself). He's horrible in humidity, it's surely a key part of the reason for his comparatively subpar US Open and Cincinnati records. He struggled so bad in Tokyo at the Olympics for that same reason.

"Lendl reached The Australian Open Final for three consecutive years (1989-1991), winning the title on the first two of those occasions. His performance in 1989 was especially noteworthy. The temperature was 130 degrees and the air was absolutely still when Lendl played his semifinal against the Austrian strongman Thomas Muster. Lendl won the first two sets but then appeared to wilt. Muster won the third and remained even with Lendl in the fourth until the game reached 5-all. Marshaling his resources, Lendl broke out Muster and served out the match.

Afterward, Muster repaired to the trainer's room with blisters the size of silver dollars on the soles of both feet. Lendl staggered into the locker room and spotted a principal into the next semifinal, the Swede Jan Gunnarson.
Lendl looked like he was dead, he was so pale, (end of quotation marks) Gunnarson said of their meeting. [quotation...] He looked at me and said, 'Have fun out there. Good luck.' Then He started laughing. He was gone, I mean completely gone. But in a way I think He took pleasure in it. He liked to think of himself as a machine, and that seems accurate. He just changes the oil and keeps going."- The Courts of Babylon, Bodo, 1995, (pag. 55)

I keep hearing that Meddy and his peers would crush Lendl or Muster.

The push to eliminate best-of-five-set matches is gaining momentum.

I distinctly recall being able to watch Davis Cup matches on TV without tie-breaks.
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