Entertaining article: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/b...-bad-boys-rebels-daniil-medvedev-nick-kyrgios

"So yes, if you are having trouble characterising your tennis grand slams, this one is the messy ***** who lives for the drama. Think of the US Open as Real Househusbands of the PTA, with all the histrionics you would expect from the dignity-swerving reality franchise."


"I truly believe that when they made the world cinema classic Blades of Glory, men’s figure skating was the only arena more comically perfect for a “bad boy” figure than men’s tennis. But, like, only just?
The tennis bad boy is absolutely my favourite type of alleged bad boy. Given the choice in the reincarnation stakes, I would, without hesitation, come back as a tennis bad boy. What’s not to love? There is the wildly transgressive fashion look, of course – in New York Kyrgios got into a classic tennis bad boy altercation with the umpire over the … hang on, let me get this right … the underside of his collar. Truly, life on the edge, as the official took issue with the words “Just Do You” and told him to fold down his collar because the slogan was against the rules. Kyrgios – tennis’s Chazz Michael Michaels – retorted: “I’m not going to play until you show me the rule. I want to know the rule. I want to see the rule. I’ve seen shirts worse.” That is what you get on the wrong side of the tennis tracks. I’ve seen collared shirts like you would not believe."



I don't know what this thread is but IMO it is a rather interesting USO. Some really good stories and a few really high quality matches. Not the best but def not the worst