The warm weather is finally here...


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The warm weather is finally here... Here in the Northeast, clubs are putting up the outside nets and windscreens. High in the 60s this week and we may break into the 70s next week.

So..... what stringing adjustments does everyone make for the warmer weather? Once the daytime highs are consistently in the 70s, I'll go 3~5LBs higher.


We typically don't get the wide temperature shifts in the South, so I keep my tensions the same year round.


I don't shift between about 45 and 85 degrees. Over 85 I typically go up a couple pounds and below 40 I go down a couple pounds and usually switch to a gut hybrid to compensate for the loss of power and dead balls. During the hottest part of the summer I may play at 50 lbs majority of the year I'll be around 46-48lbs and during the winter I'll go down to 40-42 depending on the string/frame I'm playing. I haven't been over 50lbs in about 18 months and the lowest I went last winter was 40lbs.


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Yes, I bump up about 2lbs to 3lbs higher at this time of year. Maybe also have a racquet at 4lbs higher just in case you need a bit more compensation.


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For most of the year i string between 46-48lbs. When the temps get into the upper 80’s or 90’s, sometimes i’ll bump the tension up to 50.


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There's another way to look at this.... I mention that I go up 3~5lbs in the warmer weather but it's more like I drop 3~5lbs for the winter/indoor season and I'm returning to my "normal" tension.

Now I have always said that my game might not notice the difference between a few lbs of tension but my wrist, elbow, shoulder certainly can. Even with the tension drop in the Winter, those early morning matches where the heat has barely kicked on in the courts with balls that feel like rocks, my arm certainly appreciates a softer stringbed.


Since I use different tensions on my soft vs hard court frames so I carry to sets of 3, hc + 4 lbs vs the clay set up.