The Williams Sisters & Li Na are old their losses no surprise

Why is anyone shocked Serena and Venus or Li Na lost ? Serena is 32 and Venus is even more ancient she is almost 34! Li Na is 32! In pro tennis these ladies are ancient they are all amazing champions but they are old! Where are the young women of colour who will take over their place when they retire? We need more black and Asian women to step up and become champions. Li Na and the Williams Sisters make women tennis so interesting by bringing in new audiences. I will miss these ladies when they decide to retire. The Williams Sisters are legends of the game but people commenting here are silly. As tennis players get older they have more off days. Serena also appears to be tired of the grind of the WTA tour. Serena has been a tennis pro since 1997! Both sisters have had long careers they along with Li Na deserve our respect as women of colour who diversified the game.


I am not shocked. They are both overrated at this point in their career. Especially Serena on clay where she was never comfortable.


I agree in general but women tend to win slams later in their careers.

Venus is done. Her illness and age seem to be too much to overcome. Retirement?

Serena is still a major threat at Wimbledon and USO. She only has a power game but if it is clicking, she can win on faster surfaces. Her chances on clay and slower hard courts are greatly diminished due to age and the fact that she only plays 1 go for broke style. By the way, I am not a Serena fan and hope she doesn't catch Evertt/MartinaNav but Serena is still capable of winning majors on faster surfaces.


I'd like to be an "ancient" 34 ;-) Though your point is well-taken I have to disagree with your assertion that "Li Na and the Williams Sisters make women tennis so interesting." I'd rather watch paint dry. Give me more Muguruzas and Bouchards any day! cheers
I think Serena's decline has started she has played tennis for sixteen years. It is tough day in and out to deal with being number one all the pressure is on you.

fuzz nation

The talking heads are shocked, that's who...

Now those bozos are going to have to do some homework and do more than gush about all things Williams when either sister is on the court.


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Wait, didn't she win the French Open last year? Guess she got comfortable.
Age does sneak up on you in your 30s. You just can't produce day in and day out consistently, no matter how much you workout.
Just give credit to her opponent instead of looking for excuses.

I don't know about you but I don't think a 34-yr old Serena is better than a healthy Serena at 27or 28

Don't be surprised at Wimbledon or the US Open if she loses either. Serena needs to be healthy and clicking for 7 matches against women who are better than a few years ago.

And nowadays everybody thinks they have a chance to beat her in a slam. Lisicki, Ivanovic, Murgruza, and who next?
It is sad to see a former #1champ become less consistent with age (like Venus ; like Pete before he retired, like Hewitt).

Now Serena needs a favorable draw and to be in exceptional form. Pass the torch?
Serena will only quit once she gets 2 more slams to surpass Evert and Martina, but that may never happen.