Theraband Stretches?

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    Hi All,

    I bought Thereband "red" band. Can you please suggest some exercises for elbow, wrists, forearm and shoulders - upper body? Are there any sites that have nice stretches for building resistance and working tendons?

    Thanks a ton!
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    Microwave Exercise. I have a Thera Band tied to a rail in my kitchen. When I microwave something for 2 or 3 minutes I do the external shoulder rotations in the Thrower's Ten that CF posted. One important point is to always warm up first by doing an easy set, higher reps. Each color Thera Bands supplies a specified force for a given % of stretch. If the band is stretched 100% of its unstretched length it produces X force. To warm up with lower force, I stand closer where the band does not pull with as much force. After warm up sets of 20 reps, I move farther back and do a working set. Higher reps but not difficult force levels for my external shoulder rotators.

    Consider Before Cutting. If you cut the band short the force will change more for a given length of stretch. Long bands don't change % length as much and therefore the force is more constant.

    Watch Fingernails. ? My yellow band keeps breaking off where I grip it. Maybe my fingernails nick it. ? I avoid touching the band with my fingernails.

    Greatest resistance band exercise that I know. Make about a 12" loop and do clamshells to strengthen your gluteus medius. You can tie the red band into a 12" loop - 12" when lying flat or buy ready made Thera-Band loops in various lengths.
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