There ARE "Heros" in Sportsland...


Hall of Fame
The next (and umpteenth) time you read about some spoiled-ass criminal type in the guise of "professional athlete", take heed and have faith...there are great ones out there.

Just think of Hines Ward-not only a superior performer and champion on the field, but a tremendous human being off it. Ward&st=cse

He has, single-handedly, publicized the ongoing problem of racial prejudice in Korea...the world needs more Hines Wards.

Now, many people here are probably aware that I'm a die-hard Stiller fan. Does it matter what team Hines plays for? Absolutely not. A hero's a hero.


That's a pretty cool thing for him to do. I'm filipino/white and I lived with my father and korean stepmother for a while... she would always make derogatory remarks about me being a "half breed".

Later on she had kids of her own with my father (so her kids were korean/white) and then they moved back to Seoul. I wonder if my half brother and sister were given a hard time over there? I'm sure my stepmother's attitude probably changed in regard to people of mixed races.