There's a thief on the loose at Wimbledon

Red Velvet

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As long as he (she?) is not stealing panties from the women's locker room, it should be OK... Then again, who would like to end up with a pair worn by Serena Wiliams ? Yuk ! :grin:

Lee James

Who carries one thousand dollars around like that? Hasn't he heard of a bank card? Sounds rather fishy to me, perhaps he's the clepto! If not him, then my money is on the Hamburglar. Yep, the very same one whom plagued Ronald McDonald all those years.
I read that Radek Stepanek had about 5000 Euros stolen in during the Monte Carlo Masters.

Is it a European thing or don't they like using bank cards?


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He was just complaining about the high prices...;)
indeed he was! for its price the pasta doesnt taste good at all to him! for $20 you get great tasting pasta in moscow! LOL...

this isnt just a thing about stealing the wimbledon towels is it? i remember something about how the players like to take their wimbledon towels with them when they are actually supposed to return them ...or somethign like that (lot of somethings :) )


Rumour has it that Tim Henman is the thief.

Apparently 4 match wins all year doesn't provide sufficient money to keep the ever demanding Lucy Henman in shoes and handbags so Tim's had to resort to underhand tactics :|

Love ya really, Tim :)


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"Sunsport revealed this week that Britain’s Jamie Murray, American Eric Butorac, Sweden’s Jonas Bjorkman, the Czech Republic’s Radek Stepanek and Frenchmen Paul-Henri Mathieu, Sebastien Grosjean and Richard Gasquet have also been victims."

Wow, Butorac already has money?


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Wait, somebody just said the other day that one of the Spanish players admitted to stealing from Agassi's bag, because he was his idol.


wow it's so easy.. just leave a wallet in a lockerroom with a couple of bills slightly coming out. then pull out your inspector gadget radar and wait until the tracking device sewn into the side of it starts beeping :)


Haha! Fabrice and Gael teaming up. It would make sense when you think of all the tricks Llodra has played on players throughout the years (e.g hiding in Ljubicic's locker), I can imagine his fellow French players were on the receiving end quite often so getting revenge and stealing Llodra's money would be pretty high on their list of priorities.