They should change the tennis ball!!!

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    Jan 4, 2009
    I don't know where to put this thread, but I hope someone will give me a proper answer:)It's been discussed, I guess and almost everyone complained about slowing down the game during the years.Grass has changed, there's no more ultra fast surface, but I think it's more about tennis balls having more impact on the game itself.I know that Marian Vajda and others talked about this issue during AO, he said that balls they're using and in general are just to heavy and 'hard' it's almost impossible to hit winners and also pointed out that it's hard on shoulders, joints, etc.So, I'm asking about this, I know that before 2002 was ball with same specifications for every tournament regardless of the impact of manufacturers.Is the fact that the game changed so much, that ATP should re-introduce a standard ball so that players do not have to get used on each tournament to a different ball, and to change ball specifications to speed up the game???

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