Thiem beat all the Big 3 in a couple of months


Thiem is a really great player. As a 1HBH player obviously Fed is a idol but ever since I saw Thiem come on the scene he has been magnificent. Inconsistent at times but tremendous talent and aggressive strokes what’s not to love!


Since the start of 2018, he's 9-6 against the Big 3! :oops:

3-1 vs. Novak, 3-1 vs. Fed, 3-4 vs. Nadal (vamos)
And at least a couple of those wins were against Nadal on clay, right?
He’s basically the new Murray (not in terms of style but in terms of being the biggest challenger to Big 3 domination). He just needs to win slams!


Thiem has a better chance of beating Djokovic here at the AO than of beating Rafa at RG. But he might just do both.

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thiem’s groundstrokes are just stupendous when they are on......he hits the ball so hard and they all go in one after the other.......

i knew this was going to be tough for rafa, i never felt rafa was a favourite to win the title this year......


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Thiem is my second favorite player, but the best to never win a major was Nalbandian.
He'll probably blow it against Zverev now that I'm saying this but I think he's the closest to really removing the Big Three from the throne. If he can get the win here, I wouldn't be shocked to see a Djokovic 2011 style year from him.