Thiem is a charming and genuine guy


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I'd say Thiem is a nice guy that just wants to play a fair game of tennis and is less selfish overall as a player.
Djokovic on the other hand, just like Nadal, are capable of doing everything to win, ugly or beautiful.He only cares about the win and glory.

Also in the interview, Thiem already hinted at the possibilty of him losing.It is realistic and he is right but that's not the right way of thinking when you are going to play into the final.You only see victory results ahead of you.


I love Thiem's versatility. He's smacking winners in the match as the Dominator, then offers a complete sweet, modest, humble look in the interview afterward, while thoroughly soaked clothing shows off his best asset.

Domi is a dom on the courts and a sub in the shorts.


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He's neither.
He's average human being. He showed some dirty signs during this tournament. Like,talking to coach during match.
I like Thiem.

No need to dunk on Djokovic though.
Djokovic is probably the most unlikeable top player in tennis since McEnroe and Connors. Without being remotedly interesting and a great villian the way they are either. It is a fact. There is a reason he is so unpopular inspite of all his success, especialy compared to Federer and Nadal (and Nadal is not even that popular, he hasn't won Fan Favorite award once, and even he is miles more popular than DJokovic), and even Murray or some American fan favorites like Roddick.

Thiem is such an incredible sweetheart, he is probably the nicest guy on tour. He should have won the Sportsmanship award the last 5 years if the awards were fair.
True, Dominic has 0 slams, Novak has 16. Fact is though I do like Thiem's personality and game, but I also think Novak is a good guy, despite whatever character faults he MAY have. NOONE is perfect.
Good guy, LMAO! His slump in 2016-2018, without which he would already have the slam record and the tired GOAT debate would already be over, was because he CHEATED ON HIS WIFE. This is a largely known fact. They almost divorced over it.
How do you know that? Do you know them personally? What is your source of information?
Everyone knows it. People were talking about it everywhere, journalists were noting the rumor, and Djokovic was asked about it at press conferences and got angry and brushed it off, and his wife wasn't showing up to most of his matches, but is now back at virtually all of them.

Also what other plausible explanation would there be for his unexplained slump. He was young (in this day and age when people are in their prime to their late 30s, super young), had all the records potentially at his fingertips, had no injuries, had a weak field including old Fedal who took over briefly during his slump and no up and comers, had all the momentum. It makes no sense at all, loss of motivation couldn't be it, as he had not hit any of his real marks yet. Clearly something unexplained and all the evidence points to what that is.


I saw the thread title and was all ready to post a +1 type post and then I read the OP and was disappointed the loser instead decided to take a cheap shot at another player.