Thiem losing US Open final ideal result for Djokovic & Nadal?


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Thiem has been the one younger guy with the game and consistency to challenge Nadal and Djokovic at slam level.

An easy slam win today would get the monkey off his back that he still hasn't won a slam, despite several finals now. And I feel that would allow him to play Nadal and Djokovic with less pressure on his shoulders in those big finals.

Losing to Zverev would be a disaster for Thiem confidence wise. He can't tell himself that he lost a slam final to two of the GOATs, and that he's getting closer to beating them.


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Thiem is done after this match I feel this loss will play in his minds for a long time and even if he recovers the opponents especially big 3 will never be afraid of him


Maybe for Nadal.

Zverev, however, shall take much confidence from a victory, and shall repeat his victorious performance against Novak Djokovic in the 2018 YEC final many times in any upcoming matches they may play.


Djokovic less so.

There's two possibilities for RG - Thiem is in Nadal's half or in Djokovic's half. Djokovic has a very small chance of winning with Thiem on his side, whether Thiem has confidence or not, because Nadal is waiting in the final. On the other hand, if Thiem is on Nadal's side, he can tire out Nadal and give Djokovic a fighting chance in the final.

If Thiem loses confidence, he might not be as good a match against Nadal and he'd have more in the tank to use against Djokovic.


Tim was never going to beat RAFA on clay anyway. He’s too busy fishing to care about this match


Thiem cannot produce his best on the big stage when it matters the most....Thats what differentiates him from the big 3


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Screw advantage, Djokodal doesn't need that. It's good for tennis if Thiem gets confidence to play even better.


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Unless this is a not so good version of Nadal, I fail to see why people give Djoker much of a chance. He's not the same clay player as he was from 2010-2016. He might get a set off Nadal but that's about it. I think Thiem is a much bigger threat to Rafa on the dirt.


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Honestly, after watching that (awful) final, I'm not convinced Thiem winning will even make much difference to his mental ability to play Djokovic and Nadal in big slam finals. A slam is a slam and well done to Thiem for finally winning one, but it was such an unconvincing win against a player he should have beaten much more comfortably.

He barely beat a so-so Zverev who was choking away the match at several opportunities. Djokovic and Nadal won't give him slam wins like Zverev.