Thiem to win 2021 FO


I could maybe see him beating Djokovic but i still don't see him beating Nadal. He would need to avoid Nadal to win the title there and that would depend on the draw.
In all seriousness it would be possible if RG didn't rig it in Dull's favour as always. Dull's draw live- Norrie, Nishkori, Raonic, with his hardest draw till final as Rublev probably. While Thiem will probably get Djokovic and Tsitsipas. Revolting institution.


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I feel that Thiem deserves at least 3 slams like Wawrinka if not more. He has been a force in the past few years and has had a good record against Fedal and Djokovic. He definitely has underachieved.

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He'll probably wash out in the QFs tbh. Don't wish it, but I need to see something from him the next couple weeks to change my mind. He's in a mental funk and recovering from a physical injury.


I have little belief, but there's some hope. Maybe, just maybe, Thiem has gotten over his inability to set new goals after 'winning' the US Open. Perhaps he's now ready to compete as a true slam who wants to add more slam titles to his record.


More like Tsitsi has filled the void left by Thiem's slump.
Yes Thiem is in little bit of a slump I will take that some could just be lack of form motivational he had a foot injury whatever reason I don’t see him challenging this year. He has been in best form hasn’t beaten Nadal at RG I don’t think Nadal be to worried about Thiem this yr at his best he couldn’t do it, he hasn’t improved enough this yr nor is his preparation good enough. Last yr for sure he US open unlucky in FO coz close proximity and hangover of US but down to WTF he was awesome. This yr his level dropped off considerably


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I ensure you this:
- He wins one of Madrid Rome beating Nadal en route, he most probably wins RG

-He gets to at least SF both in Madrid, Rome
He will definitely make SFs of RG and **might just** win it all

-He doesn't do well in either,he will lose very early in RG. Maybe he might make SFs of RG or even finals but will definitely not win it.