Thiem will end up winning RG


Hall of Fame
It seems inevitable, as he's the best on the surface amongst players his age or younger. Maybe he won't win many of them, but barring an injury (or doing a Coria), he should lift the trophy at least once.

Now, the big question: will he need Nadal to retire or be out of sorts for that (like Djokovic in 2016), or will he be able to win during one of Rafa's stronger years, like Federer did in 2009? :D:D:D

Is the fact that he beat Nadal in straights in Madrid (like Fed in 2009) a hint? We'll get our answer in a few short hours... ;)
It will be one of the more pathetic results in tennis history if Thiem is able to win a grand slam

But considering its the French I will let it slide. Proves the worthlessness of the event.