Thin Grips (Replacement and Overgrip)

Just like the Title reads! I am looking for suggestions on the thinnest Replacement grip out there as well as the thinnest over grips. I don't have a preference just like them thin! I have always played with 4 3/8 grip size however, I always built them up probably above 4 1/2. Well now I play the 4 1/2 grip size racket but I always play with an over grip, just always.

Is there a specific grip replacement and over that are the thinnest?

Look at the sticky at the top of this sub forum. That's why it is there.
FWIW, Tourna Pro Thin, Wilson Feather Thin, Bab Skin Feel and Prince ResiThin in the order listed. Durability is terrible and the OG will help. OGs will stretch so you will have to experiment.
Kimony leather grips are the thinnest (0.8mm), but also fairly pricey. Of the super thin grips, Tourna thin is great and quite thin, although is average in terms of feel.

My two favorite thin grips are the TW Leather Grips (at 1.3mm) and Babolat Skin Feel (at 1.5mm) - neither one is as thin as Kimony or Tourna, but they have the best feel among these thin grips I've used. I really disliked the way the Wilson and Prince thin grips felt and played.