Things you're willing to do with ANY TTW poster you actually meet IRL (in real life) ?


My opinion of this thread, for all who are interested about it, is that it’s too much excite, and should be used responsibly.
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Does everybody understand, that in order to accomplish what you are proposing above, you may need to meet in person?
Yeah, I offered to meet a couple of Ole Miss fans I've bantered with over college tennis. The offer was to meet at a college tennis match locally, hit some tennis balls first, then head over to the match. They declined! Haha


Meat me at the Wynn hotel. I’m at the BJ tables now. I’m up several thousand dollars and I’m drunk in a Dean Martin mude.
I tell you what
In 2 weeks I will have Sunday off and I will come down to strip to meet you and you can post about it