Think I really hurt my wrist... eek.


Played a game yesterday, was losing pretty bad so decided to pull out my emergency topspin forehand. Its almost completely vertical, ends high above my head with a big whippy action. Worked great (bagelled, then I won the next 2 sets 6-4, 6-2) but today my wrist is really painful.

What sort of advice to best recover? Week resting and see how it is or straight to minor injuries for a scan?
Hopefully it is not too serious. The fact that you were able to continue playing and it only hurt the next day is certainly better than having an acute injury that caused you to stop play immediately. It being the weekend, your probably going to get at least another day to rest and ice the area. If it is still bothering you, you really should get it checked out medically.
Are you thinking about retiring that shot?


Definitely rest for now. Just ice it, put Bengay on it or something along that line, massage it, rub it etc...

What kind of pain is it? Is it similar to a joint pain? Or is it sore?


Kind of similar to joint pain but its feeling a lot like a sprain/strain, so fingers crossed, its getting better so give it a week or 2, should be ok.

Definatley going to have to modify the shot!