Thinking about Angell... 3 matched or different?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Orange614, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Jun 27, 2012
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    I have been trying many classic midsize framed in the last month Wilson 85s 90s Prince POGs, Head Prestige, and the ones I enjoyed the most Yonex RDS 001 90. The rackets have been fine but recently I have been thinking about getting Angell frames to have an extended length racket, very stiff racket, and 3 extremely closely matched rackets.

    I'm a 5.5 player (prefer to play doubles and rush and crush as it should be with occasional drop/angle volley) Singles I like to serve big, grind, and frustrate my opponents with spin junk and I am good coming forward to volley but probably don't do it enough in singles. I thought my desired Angell would be:

    95, 27.5, 70RA, 18x20, 320g, 12 pts HL so I can lead a little for the sweet spot.

    Then I thought what if in addition to maybe two of the racket above I had a:

    95, 27.5. 63RA, 16x19, 320g, 12 pts HL same lead but more spin friendly to use for singles.

    Then I thought about having three different rackets (add 63RA 18x20) inbetween the first two frames but I feel like that defeats the purpose of having 3 custom frames.

    Hopefully someone on the forum has some advice after purchasing and playing some Angell (or Vantage) and would have thoughts or regrets one way or the other. Considering 90% of the rackets I've acquired lately have been under $80 the Angells would be a big purchase for me. Looking forward to reading what people think!

    (Also trying to post a poll here first time so I need to figure this out).

    1. 3 Matched rackets
    2. 2 Rackets matched 1 slightly different
    3. 3 Slightly different rackets.

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