Thinking about the Black Ace 93


Just another thread asking about experiences with this racket. All i've heard of it so far is what ross K has been telling me about it.

Yes I made one of these threads :twisted:



There are already too many threads on this.

Anyhow, what is it specifically that you wish to know about this stick?

Per your request, my experience with this racket is that it's black, with large, bold, silver letterings on both sides of the beam. The head size is 90 and oval in shape. It's string pattern is 18x20. The grip shape is very slightly flatter than Dunlop but not in a bad way. Oh, and the butt is nicely flared so you can get a real nice grip.

OK, now for the more serious side of the experience ...

As for the pre 2012 model that I have, to me, the SW is a tad on the high side and I modded it greatly to get the weight and balance I wanted to counter that high-ish SW. And now it plays very nicely. The 100% graphite feel is crisp and smooth, very easy on the arm. A precise stick that has more pop than the Redondo.

Hope this ... eh ... helps ...


Helped alot lol. I'm just trying to get a impression of the feel from what others compare it to and what kind of power level it has. I know a 18x20 mid can't quite be a beast that will spray balls the second you fart, but everyone knows the devil is in the details.

Has anyone thought this racket was too low powered?