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Money For Nothing

Sting’s songwriting royalties kickback for “I Want My MTV” sounding identical to “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”


Sting’s easy money from Puff Daddy for not asking permission to use “Every Breath You Take” melody and lyrics in his rap tribute to Notorious B.I.G. called “I’ll Be Missing You”

I go back in time and relive my night watching him in Byron GA:

If not for that episode of “getting experienced,” stringytom would have taken Monterey as his choice.

Monterey/Carmel’s more iconic resident:

John Steinbeck


Jack London

^^^Your answer made Lea spit out her food in shock.^^^

Can't say that I endorse either film, but Milla over Brooke every time, in every way. Brooke doesn't register in my brain at all, but I really like Milla as an actress, a model, and a person. Milla, Millla, Milla!!!

"The Fifth Element"

or "Resident Evil"?