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table tennis of course ( 2 reasons : first i hate badminton second it has the word tennis in it )

nokia or motorola ?

DJ Edwards

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Blue-footed booby or duck-billed platypus?
The one with the camel toe.

Member of my professional labor organization or...

I am better than all those who came before me in my trade; therefore leave me to the vagaries of the free-market system and hope the world does not self-destruct... or big-business does not take us over, and OH YEAH. hope my kids will be as superior as I and that the oligarchy will still leave them room:sad:

DJ Edwards

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I rephrase:
Walmart (beacuse I'm good and the low prices are a reflection of how I, and some carefully chosen others, are good)


Anybody else ('cause I think the powers that be might just be conspiring against us)


Afternoon Tea!!!Cos I'm british...not that that makes much difference...i just love tea!

I Love New Zealand so;
North of South Island??