This small doco reminded me again why I was such a Guga fan.



How I would have loved to have seen a match between Guga at his peak, and Nadal.
Remember when Guga always had that smile on his face! He loved the game. But, the smile seemed to fade toward the end of his career, possibly because of hip pain. It is also possible that, because of his hip, Guga never really realized his peak. Are you aware of any interviews or discussions about when he started having trouble with the hip? I do agree that Guga vs. Nadal on clay would be an epic match-up.


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No - I never heard him personally talk about his hip - only via the commentary teams at the time. I was lucky enough to be courtside when he played a match against Hicham Arazi. It was beautiful tennis from both sides. Guga put a lot more work on the ball than it would seem from watching him on tv - I remember the ball hissing a bit whenever it crossed the net!


I just learned Guga won 8 doubles titles along with 20 singles during his career. He is known as a baseline player but he must've been an excellent net player as well.
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