This year's hype:


Started with Zverev/Med "winning everything" then to Alcaraz...then Sinner beats Alcaraz x2...hype on Sinner....then Alcaraz regains the hype "will he ever lose again..." threads start to appear. Then FAA takes Alcy's hype away and creates one of his own "Will FAA win CYGS"...and now Rune beats him/Djo, hypes on him.
Was there ever more hype change in 1 year? What lies next? Who is the next hype man?
Sounds like Pavvy is having trouble seeing his fav lose a match. Lol. Don't worry, though. Beating Novak in bo5 is still a whole different ballgame than beating him in bo3.


There were 5 first-time 1000 winners, which is the most since... I want to say 2001, which was our last transitionary period, so it's definitely a time of great upheaval and complex mysteries that can lead to all kinds of possibilities. Get hyped!


Come on. Start more threads to distract from Djokovics defeat. 3 is not enough.
I had a feeling Djo wasn't winning Paris, you know why?
1x 2000 (Slam)
1x 1500 (YEC)
1x 1000
1x 500
1x 250
is on the cards this year: 5 different level tournaments...
The tide seems to be changing now with some very impressive young players and that's exciting. Hype is just people being eager to see more of that change.


Most aren't hype, but looks at the actual future and the way the ATP might be heading each week/month/surface. Those talked about are the players to watch, so good to see threads about them.

Alcz, Sinner, FAA, Rune...yeah. Worth the topics.