those were the days?

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    Feb 5, 2007

    remember the days when Federer actually used to slice? i mean after watching a lot of his matches recently (australian open 2007-french open 2007) it seems like he just hits the ball mostly flat or with topspin now. i mean he does use the slice a little bit, especially on defense, but i mean i was just watching a tape of his matches with lleyton hewitt in the pacific open 2005 final, and with safin in the 2005 australian open, and then it seemed he actually did use the slice as a WEAPON. I remember in 2004 tennis magazine did a article on federer's game (Mr. Everything i think) and they had a whole section on his slice and how he slices the ball to the backhand and short. He rarely does this anymore. also tennis magazine sent out like an issue over the summer of 2006 about how to become a better player, that was what the whole magazine was about. it gave insight on all of the best players shots. it said roddick had the best second serve, agassi had the best 2 hander, and then it had federer having one of the best slices...what has happend. i mean McEnroe kept saying during last years roland garros final, "why isn't federer slicing more" and i couldn't watch this years final, but im guessing he didn't slice that much either...someone explain this too me. thanks.

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