Thoughts on height over the net

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by Buddy, Mar 12, 2012.

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    Sep 28, 2009
    Yeah, because you'd expect to see more loopy rallies on indoor courts than on hard courts. :roll: That makes perfect sense.
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    I just watched (not in person) Djokovic playing Berdych in London and they weren't hitting the loopy rallies like the one you showed in the clip you picked.

    I have watched over twenty professional matches on hard courts from either court level or just above court level and the players were not hitting high loopy shots except on defensive points.

    Is the rest of that Nadal/Federer match online? Hey, if I see more points from that match I'll believe you if you say Nadal normally hits that much net clearance. I've watched him play in person, but they were all practice sets, and he wasn't hitting that much clearance.
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    Feb 11, 2011
    most tour players are like 2-3 feet on average. defensive shots can be higher and winners and passing shots are lower so if you are a dubs player you might hit a little lower on average.

    Doesn't murray hit with very little net clearance? he seems to hit much lower over the net than the other top guys (esp. nadal but also fed and nole)
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    I saw statistics on a Djoko vs Nadal match and they averaged over 30" clearance - I think Djoko was about 33 and Nadal 32. Surprised Djoko was higher. I think this was a couple of years ago when Djoko beat Nadal on clay in Madrid. So, pros do average almost 3'.

    I use 3 levels: 1. when inside the court roughly 5-6' or more, I strive for 1.5-2' of clearance, 2. when near the baseline, I strive for 3-4' clearance, and 3. when 5-6' behind baseline, I strive for 5-6' clearance.

    When you are inside the court and hitting the ball more aggressively, I still think 1.5-2' clearance to reduce errors. I can hit it reasonably hard and still get it in the court with topspin.
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    This looks pretty good imo.

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