Thoughts on Spinfire Pro 2 ball machine


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I'm in the market to purchase a more premium ball machine with @ $2k being my max. I've heard really good things about the Spinfire Pro 2 with internal oscillation. If any of you have used this machine and have pros/cons please let me know. I've also looked into the Lobster Elite 3 and the Lobster Grand IV (Lobster does not have internal oscillation). They also charge extra for a remote, which I feel is ridiculous.
Thanks everyone


My sister is looking to invest in one as well. I'm doing the research for her. Around $2k budget as well. Looking at Spinfire 2, Lobster grand IV and Silent Partner Smart. Not sure which way I'm leaning. Thinking Spinfire or Silent partner.


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I'm in the same boat, I'm leaning towarads the Silent Partner Smart because you can program drills which you can't do with the Spinfire Pro 2. You can program drills with the lobster grand IV but its quite a bit more expensive than the Smart.