Thoughts on the Dustin Brown-Rafael Nadal Match


I think it MAY also require skills that may not often be found in tennis players..especially 13 year old kids in Lake Forrest.

Who is the greatest attacker on tour now?
This is an interesting point and could very well be true.

But as far as coordination is concerned, I think it would be no more difficult than returning serve. I'm saying that you can stick a 13 yr old at the net, hit balls at him/her and have the kid hit FH and BH volleys.

On the other hand, the difficulty lies in having the timing, strength and athletic ability to get to the net, hit a solid 1st volley under pressure and finish the point quickly. In live match conditions. Approach shots are not much different than powerful or well angled groundstrokes that may or may not, give you enough time to get to the net. It's a difficult proposition for anyone, especially a 13 yr old.