Thoughts on this Checklist for Junior Tennis Players?


USTA player development published that competitve training manual years back that was rather extenisve. The player development website has links to a lot of the information broke down to individual topics.


Read the opening line mis-representing Ericsson, couln't bring myself to read any more!
What exactly is the misrepresentation?

In 1993 Anders Ericson developed a theory that it takes around 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become world class in any field. The underlying message of over 30 years of research in this area is that talent doesn’t matter – practice does. For example Tiger Woods started to hit thousands of golf balls before the age of 2, Mozart had done 3500 hours of practice by age 6 and Andre Agassi was hitting 1 million balls per year as a junior. Whilst the above examples may be extreme, the principle is that Elite tennis players need thousands of quality hours on court to build up the fitness and skills needed to compete at a high level. Simply put, the more quality hours you put in on court, the better you will become. If your child is looking to pursue professional tennis, they will need to clock up at least 10,000 hours on court. A simple way of working towards this target is to start young and train the number of hours of your age each week.​


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The one thing i noticed particularly, is that they start their training at age 3. while it is essential to start very young, i wonder whether their is any statistic about at what age the current generation of pros started their training.
In other words, is it too late to start at age 5 or 6?