Thread for looking for paddle after starter paddle


In an interview with the founder he said February for the Icon V2 and Q2 for the Warrior V2. Warrior Edge V2 in late 2023.

I will be curious about a couple of things here:
- what percentage of players, and facilities even care about “tournament legal”
- will Diadem have local events/tournaments where everyone is provided with the Vice paddle to play with.

If Diadem is shooting for a change in paddle rules, is that path through pro/tournament players, or a groundswell of interest from the vast majority of the typical non-tournament average player. As an example … very few weekend golfers would ever go back to smaller headed drivers. Very few ping pong players want to go back to sandpaper. How did those changes happen … pro game first and then trickled down to the rec player? Interesting Pickleball rec interest in what is legal … never ran into in rec tennis. Never remember any screening of tennis racquets or strings in rec tournaments or USTA or club leagues.

Note: doesn’t sound like there was any excessive spin problem with the vice. I think they were all having an “excessive feel” issue coming from stiff board-like paddles. I would love to try the Vice … but not for $225. Send us a couple and a husband and wife team will fly the Vice at Lifetime Fitness. 8-B

I bet this is just an incremental step getting to paddles with soft surface. Replaceable softer surface even better … only two choices … replace surface or replace paddle.

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