Tiafoe updated forehand stroke?


Watching Tiafoe vs. RBA in Cincy right now and can't help but notice a slightly updated FH stroke. Anyone else notice it? I mean, still an unorthodox backswing but seems as if he's been doing some small adjustments to make it a little more fluid. Thought it was worth discussing....


Jim Courier mentioned that Tiafoe's coach has been working on his FH return of serve to make it simpler. I think he has his old FH stroke during rallies but he had timing issues returning bigger serves when his timing wasn't right. Makes sense, when he has time he can do all the funky stuff on the FH he likes but for returns he needs simplicity to get returns solidly in play so he can hit his big FH when rallying.


As long as he makes slight changes to improve it and not make it worse (like what happened with Gulbis), should be doable. Even Federer's FH has changed over the years.


I haven't seem him since last year but anything would probably be an improvement to one of the more bizarre FHs on tour.