Tiebreaker comback


Tiebreaker comeback

I saw this for the first time ever. A player was up 6-0 in the second set tiebreaker and proceeded to lose the next eight points and lose the tiebreaker 8-6. has anybody else experience or witness this before. I was stunned to say the least.
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We were down 9-2 in a 3rd set tiebreak last winter and won 9 consecutive points to win 11-9. Opponents started to have major meltdown after we won 5 points and we just kept after it. Then they started trying to hit winners on every shot and didn't win another point. It was against a pair of guys I really didn't care for, so it really felt good. It had no bearing on the outcome of the overall match as we had already won the other two courts, but I still don't like losing.



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My little bro were once 9-0 up in a championship tiebreak. Get lost the next 9 points and ended up winning 11-9.
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